Matt Dawson, Scott Quinnell and Shane Horgan star in rugby-based adverts for Jacamo, Admiral and Heineken, but are they any good?

Not too many years ago players retiring from the game of rugby would slip quietly into the sporting wilderness, maybe to enter the world of consultancy or take a position teaching position.

But more and more players are taking the seemingly endless opportunities to enter the media and with an increase in the number of televised games these days, the services of these former players is greatly in need.

And what better way to take advantage of these players’ new-found celebrity status than recruiting one of them to front your advertising campaigns?

Former Wales back-row Scott Quinnell can often be found working at matches for Sky Sports but for this World Cup he has teamed up with Admiral Insurance.

Never the shy and retiring type, Quinnell made his way to London’s Victoria station to lead this flashmob in singing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau to some rather startled commuters.

Former Ireland back Shane Horgan also got in on the action for Heineken in the Emerald Isle, challenging shoppers to perform the Haka to win tickets to the World Cup.

Horgan’s role is slightly more muted than Quinnell’s, but how do you think this video ranks in this list?

Of course, the one to start all this madness was England‘s World Cup-winning scrum-half Matt Dawson, who got a bunch of fellas together to perform the Haka as if it was the Macarena.

Needless to say, it didn’t go down too well in all corners of the world, but for clothing company Jacamo it got their name out there a little more.

Some current players have got in on the advertising world as well, notably Richie McCaw and Chris Robshaw in the excellent Beats by Dre adverts that debuted on the World Cup’s opening night.

What do you think off all these videos? Hot or not?