Heading to the World Cup later this year? Find out how to make the most of your time in Kanagawa


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Rugby World Cup 2019: One week in Kanagawa

The World Cup will reach its climax in Yokohama and there is plenty to do in the surrounding prefecture – as this itinerary shows…


Start your Kanagawa journey in style by taking a Romancecar on the Odakyu Railway from Tokyo to Hakone (purchase a Hakone Freepass to save money on public transport).

Then explore the area via the Hakone Ropeway – try black eggs in Owakudani (legend has it that eating one will add seven years to your life!) and view Mount Fuji from Togendai.

Rugby World Cup 2019: One week in Kanagawa

Lake Ashi has a stunning view of the peak, too, and is home to the Hakone Shrine. Stay in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) and enjoy the hot springs (above).


After looking around Hakone town – the Okada Museum includes a lot of Eastern art and there are local crafts to see – travel to Odawara, a half-hour train ride away. Visit the impressive Odawara Castle, where you can also partake in ninja and samurai experiences.

Rugby World Cup 2019: One week in Kanagawa

Impressive: Odawara Castle


Travel from Odawara to Oyama (again, you can save money by buying an Oyama Freepass) and have lunch around Koma Sando, a street selling a plethora of crafts from the region and housing many restaurants, with Oyama tofu a speciality.

Rugby World Cup 2019: One week in Kanagawa

Worth a visit: Afuri Shrine

Take the cable car to Afuri Shrine, where there is also an amazing view of Sagami Bay, and stay overnight on Enoshima Island, where you can enjoy fresh seafood for dinner.


An Enoshima One-day Passport will allow you to travel around the island easily. Visit Enoshima Shrine and then head to the Katase area, where you’ll find one of the closest beaches to Tokyo and an aquarium full of fascinating creatures.

Take the train to Shichirigahama and stay in the scenic coastal area.

For more information, visit trip.pref.kanagawa.jp


Head to Hase by rail and take in the sight of the magnificent Kamakura Buddha at Kotokuin Temple. It stands at 37 feet and is an iconic figure in the region.

Move on to Kamakura to have lunch on Komachi Street, then visit the Masamune Sword and Blade Workshop, with a history that dates back 700 years.

Rugby World Cup 2019: One week in Kanagawa

Giant-size: Kamakura Buddha

Later, visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and walk to Kita-Kamakura. Follow that with a relaxing Zazen meditation or Iaido martial art experience in Kamakura.

Travel to the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama ahead of the match day(s).


Channel your inner chef at Yokohama’s Cup Noodles Museum by creating your own flavour and then enjoy a walk around the beautiful Sankei-en Garden.

Pre- or post-match, the place to go bar-hopping is the Noge district, which has more than 600 restaurants and bars. Purchase Noge-Tegata – vouchers for food and drinks – to use in around 70 izakaya (Japanese pubs) in the area.


Make the most of your final day by checking out the Minato Mirai area – you could also take a cruise – and shop in Yoshimuraya, where you should try Yokohama iekei ramen, a ‘home-style’ dish that now has a cult following.

Rugby World Cup 2019: One week in Kanagawa

Night lights: Minato Mirai