With fans now able to apply for tickets, there will be those who aren't playing by the rules. So is Jonny returning for next year's World Cup? All is not as it seems...

With just over three days left to get hold of your Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets in the general sale, the tournament organisers have released their latest video reminding fans to use only official sources and avoid the risk of getting ‘caught out’ when buying tickets.

In the clip, it appears that England’s national treasure, Jonny Wilkinson has taken to the pitch for some post-retirement kicking practice. Everything is as we would expect – the ball placement, the iconic hands-clasped stance, the initialled jersey…maybe not. But as he steps up to kick, the amateur technique shows us that this isn’t quite England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup hero but a poor imitation. The tagline says it all: “It’s not always easy to spot a fake.” So be careful.

If you want to apply for tickets before Monday’s deadline, take a look at Rugby World’s ticket guide for more information.