Australasian Gannet

Pre-match jaunt – Cape Kidnappers

Spectacular geological cliff formations on the coast to Cape Kidnappers Gannet colony makes a trip there memorable. The Saddle and Black Reef gannet colonies are closed to public access but the Black Reef colony can be viewed from the beach. The Plateau colony is the main place for viewing the nesting gannets where there are also good panoramic views from this elevated headland.

Dropkick the hangover – Ahuriri Estuary

This walking track is on Humber Street, off Pandora Road. This estuary supports an interdependent community of wading birds, fish, mud dwellers and aquatic plant life. The Ahuriri Wildlife Refuge is an important feeding and resting areas for over 70 species of resident and migratory wading birds from arctic breeding grounds. Take your binoculars.