Orongorongo Valley

Pre-match jaunt – Orongorongo Track

This walk goes through authentic New Zealand forest, packed with palms, ferns, huge rata trees, fantastic views and good swimming holes in the river. It’s a 45-minute drive from Wellington.

Dropkick the hangover – Red Rocks

This is a brisk – and probably breezy – coastal walk on Wellington’s south coast. There are stunning views of the South Island Mountains (snow covered) and a seal colony thrown in. It’ll take one hour each way and is a 20-minute bus ride from city centre.

Matiu SomesCool Campsite – Matiu/Somes Island

In Wellington harbour – you can see it from the stadium – Matiu/Somes is a scientific and historic reserve which is a world away from the urban hustle. Watch out for käkäriki (parrots to you!) and fantail birds, and listen for penguins squabbling at night. It’s a 20-minute ferry ride from central Wellington.

Back to nature

KakaZealandia is a ten-minute bus ride, this fenced sanctuary in the city where native birds like kiwi and kaka thrive. Take the dusk or night tours for maximum impact.

For those who like the water, Taputeranga marine reserve (20-minute bus ride) offers amazing diving and snorkelling. A wetsuit is required – Wellington ain’t warm!