The swallow dive celebration. Made famous by Chris Ashton

Graham Love a 17 year old student from Aberdeen has made the video for the web in order to try and get mass exposure for his wonderful idea.

“I really wanted to share the video with the rugby community. And I figured that the build up to the World Cup seemed the perfect time to upload it,” says Graham. “In terms of the actual video its created using a technique called ‘Stop motion animation’. So every second of footage you see is made up of between 16 and 32 photos.

“In the short 68 seconds, there’s over 1100 photos. As well as the sheer number of photo’s involved, a lot of the still’s required individual editing in photoshop, in order to mask out the supports holding up the legos (such the Ashton swallow dive try).

“I also spent a lot of time filling the legos arm sockets with Blu Tac  in order to give their arms something to hold onto whilst they moved in directions that lego had never moved in before (ie sideways!).”