David Pocock with Reif Myers who designed the charity strip

Emirates Western Force players will suit up in a unique ‘one-off’ jersey this Saturday night when they tackle the Waratahs in Perth. The custom designed jersey will not only look striking on the field, it will also assist in raising funds for David Pocock’s charity EightyTwenty Vision.

Supporters will have an opportunity to get their hands on an original match-worn jersey from the run-on XV during an on-line auction which will run from today (Monday, 4 April) until Friday, 15 April. The funky design was the creation of outstanding young West Australian designer Reif Myers who through his own leisure / surfwear company Ocean Zone has been making a big impression across Australia and is set to expand internationally.

A predominantly white jersey, the distinctive Emirates Western Force black swan and ocean blue has been creatively crafted into the final product to give a new yet familiar feel. “We wanted to have a completely different look to anything we’ve worn in the past so that it really stood out and that is what Reif has been able to come up with for us,” Pocock said. “Looking at the Ocean Zone boardies you can see they’re pretty ‘out there’ so the jersey has taken on that style as well.”

Myers said he had a number of different ideas for the jersey and the final design came about following three or four attempts. “I knew the guys wanted something really different to anything that had been done in the past so I sat down and did a few drawings and came up with the swirls to incorporate the swan logo,” Myers said. “I started with ripples to signify Perth water but I think the swan is so strong that it just worked with the swirls and I’m really happy that it has turned out the way it has. “The jersey is predominantly white to make it stand out from the normal home jersey but the traditional ocean blue is in there as well to ensure a link back to the club’s established look.”

Pocock helped establish EightyTwenty Vision in 2009 as a not-for-profit organisation that provides support and care for communities that suffer from poverty.

While a knee injury will mean the star flanker will have to watch from the sidelines, Pocock said he is looking forward to seeing his team mates run out in the jersey this weekend and hoped the new design strikes a chord with members and supporters during the on-line auction.

“It’s a great opportunity for EightyTwenty Vision as an organisation to get our name out there and to raise funds from the auction. We’re really grateful to have been given this unique way to continue to aid those less fortunate than us,” Pocock said. “I played in the game when we wore the pink jersey aiding breast cancer (2009) and it was a great occasion. I’m sure the boys will proudly wear this jersey as well.”