Sue Day tops the chart but who else makes the list?

Red Roses try-scorers come in their many in any given match. The England team are electric in attack and so it is no surprise the amount of scores that have been wracked up by players over the years.

However, it will take current players some scoring to eclipse the top try-scorer Sue Day. She is the top scorer for the England men or women’s team with 61 tries. Day scored the tries in 59 caps and scored 19 tries at Rugby World Cups. She represented England in three Rugby World Cups and held the overall record for most Rugby World Cup tries until Portia Woodman-Wickliffe broke it in the 2021 tournament.

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The New Zealand winger has 20 tries at Rugby World Cups. Woodman-Wickliffe said of breaking the record:  “On the field, I completely lose track of what the score is, or what I’ve done and what the team has done. I just do my job and keep going. It wasn’t until the end that the girls made me realise.”

Emily Scarratt is the highest current try-scorer for the Red Roses with 53. She has recovered from a neck injury and will be wanting to add to her tally in the upcoming Women’s Six Nations campaign.

Scarratt may also be targeting a spot in the 2025 Rugby World Cup squad. The tournament is being held in England.

The men’s top try-scorer, Rory Underwood, is actually fourth overall with three women’s players ahead of him. But who makes the top Red Roses try-scorers? Take a look at the list below.

Who are the Red Roses’ top try-scorers?

10. Gill Burns – 35

9. Jess Breach – 36

8. Chris Diver – 36

7. Marlie Packer – 43

6. Lydia Thompson – 45

5. Kat Merchant – 45

4. Danielle Waterman – 47

3. Emily Scarratt – 53

2. Nicky Crawford – 57

1. Sue Day – 61

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