We caught up with the Munster, Ireland and Lions scrum-half to ask him to give us the inside track on his team-mates. Here's what he came up with...

Rugby World: Who’s the best and worst dressed?

Conor Murray: The best has got to be Dave Kearney. I’d say it’s widely known that he’s one of the more stylish lads in the Irish squad.

The worst is Killer (Dave Kilcoyne). He bought some white jeans in Argentina, and also asked me to cut his hair. He wanted a style called a fade, and I told him ‘I can’t do that’ but he just said have a go. Hopefully he didn’t look too bad afterwards! 

RW: Best and taste in music? 

CM: Felix Jones is pretty good and I roomed with him in Argentina a few weeks ago. He likes traditional Irish music.

Paulie (Paul O’Connell) is terrible. In the gym at home in Limerick, if there’s a delay in the music, Zeebs (Simon Zebo), Tommy O’Donnell and I will look over and see him going for his gear bag, and then we know we’re in trouble. He likes old music, it really shows his age. 

Top champs: Murray celebrates with O'Connell, McFadden and Sean Cronin

Top champs: Murray celebrates with O’Connell, McFadden and Sean Cronin

RW: Who’s the vainest? 

CM: Again that’s got to be Killer, especially for a prop. When it suits him his hygiene levels are pretty good and he can dress up, but I live round the corner from him and I know for a fact that he has a good few lazy days too.

RW: Best/worst person to follow on Twitter? 

CM: That’s got to be Fergus (McFadden). He doesn’t tweet all the time, but when he does he’s pretty funny.

Killer’s bad again! He just tweets things that no one really cares about, and isn’t very adventurous, like what he’s eating for a midnight snack.

RW: Best and worst dancer? 

CM: It kills me to say it, but Zebo is class. And the worst is definitely Mike Ross. His style is kind of like an old dad at a wedding.

RW: Best/worst roomy? 

CM: Felix was pretty good to be fair, although he did steal my laptop charger a few times when I was in the middle of watching something. The worst… well I’ve never roomed with him myself, but apparently Rodney Ah You is a terrible snorer!

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