After the sensational first World Cup win for Portugal, against Fiji, we were left asking where it ranked amongst incredible upsets. But perhaps we should have been asking: “Just how big an impact will it have back home?”

Well Rugby World contributor Francisco Isaac has some pretty fantastic video evidence of a Portugal return to a hero’s welcome.

Check out these videos below, posted on X (formerly Twitter).

The first one shows players Nuno Sousa Guedes, Martim Bello and Pedro Bettencourt arriving off the plane – in their civvies, no less – in Porto, to an appreciative local crowd.

The next few videos kick it up a notch, though.

One of the things you notice from these videos of the Portugal return home, isn’t just the flags or the noise, but how young a lot of the crowd are. Oh, and of course the film crews.

It was previously mentioned how impactful the win over Fiji must be for rugby to grace the main pages of the football-obsessed papers. Well here’s more evidence of the cut-through rugby has had there.

The last video is likely the best of the lot. There’s an atmosphere there.

What did you make of Os Lobos’ Rugby World Cup journey – and these scenes back at home? Let us know at or on social media.

Oh and it’s also worth noting that this Portugal side are up to a record high in the men’s official world rankings. Coming in at 13th now, they are placed above Georgia, Samoa, Tonga, Uruguay, USA. Spain, and Romania, respectively.

We suspect there will be some interested parties for Portugal matches, when the next Rugby Europe Championship kicks off…

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