Here are some of the best deals on British & Irish Lions rugby balls for the upcoming South Africa tour.

Best Deals On British & Irish Lions Rugby Balls

The rugby ball will be the centre of attention during the upcoming 2021 British & Irish Lions Tour to South Africa. Well, maybe not, but it will be the one piece of kit that we will all be focusing on somewhat as it gets dotted down, fought over, or kicked through the posts.

The official match ball will be made by Gilbert and it has a price that is punchy indeed.

However if you want a Lions rugby ball to kick around at the park, or one to use in training, then there are actually lots of deals on rugby balls out there, from replica’s, to mini models.

As such here are some of our favourite rugby ball deals affiliated to the Lions.

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Best Deals On British & Irish Lions Rugby Balls

Gilbert British & Irish Lions Replica Rugby Ball

Best deals on British & Irish Lions rugby balls

Gilbert has been making high-quality rugby balls for decades, and has been providing them to huge tournaments like the Six Nations for years as well. In short, the balls always perform as they should.

This Lions Replica is no exception. It is fitted with a synthetic latex bladder which has top air retention which means you won’t have to pump it up that often.

Additionally the grip and rubber compound on the surface help you work on your handling skills and passing nicely.

As such we think it can be used for fun, training, or even match play.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Mentre Rugby Ball

Best deals on British & Irish Lions rugby balls

Canterbury of course make all the official Lions merchandise, clothing, and rugby gear for the British & Irish Lions, and the brand has also made several rugby balls too as the rest of this list shows.

We start with the Mentre which has been crafted with three panels of durable rubber which is textured to increase control and ball handling. The strength of the bladder inside also helps the ball retain its shape so you can kick it all day and it won’t deform.

As far as detail goes, we love the presence of a large Lions logo, the SA with flag, and the Canterbury branding too.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Supporters Rugby Ball

Or maybe one of these Supporter’s balls is the way you want to go. Available in red, blue and green, the balls are made from tough rubber meaning they hold up well when used a lot.

All three look great and they continue the geometric print theme present on most of the training shirts and other Lions gear.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Thrillseeker Supporters Mini Rugby Ball

You can also get the ball above in a mini form. Perfect for getting young kids into the game, or just throwing a ball around with ease, the mini also comes in the same three colours mentioned above.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Retro Rugby Ball

Harken back to the old days of rugby with this special Retro Lions rugby ball. With the classic aesthetic and modern construction, the ball finds a way of combining generations of rugby players.

Thanks to the unique colours, it looks like a it is made from leather but actually it is a tough rubber which doesn’t deflate or deform, and it also has a grippy texture so players can pass and catch with greater efficiency.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Thrillseeker Origin Rugby Ball

If you want a ball to stand out, then this Thrillseeker Origin is sure to deliver on that front. With the combination of the black finish, with the different coloured triangles, it really looks great.

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