A buyers' guide for the best boots for big-tackling and hard-carrying back-rows

Best Rugby Boots for Flankers 2022

The modern flanker demands a pair of rugby boots that are lightweight but also give them enough protection to make sure they still have toes left at the end of the game. In this guide we list the five best on the market today.

Best Rugby Boots for Flankers

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite Boots

The Phoenix Genesis Elites are designed in conjunction with Wales flanker (come winger, come centre, come fly-half!) Justin Tipuric. The boots are unsurprisingly therefore a mix of forward grit and back agility. It would be silly to ignore the boots designed by one of the best flankers in the world when pulling this list together.

They don’t have the sock-like construction of some boots but they are still light. The benefit of that sturdier construction is that you feel like all your power is going through the boot and into the ground. I don’t have much power but I felt instantly more powerful when stepping or driving into contact in these boots. Tipuric might be a back row, but these boots are perfect regardless of your position.

Reasons to buy:

– Understated style if you are someone who decries the rise of the sock boot

– Would suit any player regardless of position. They offer everything a flanker needs

Reasons not to buy:

– Would not be a good fit if you play mostly on dry pitches

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Mizuno Morelia Neo II SI SG

Mizuno Morelia Neo II SI SG - Chinese Red / Silver / Black - Mens Boots - Soft Ground


Mizuno boots feel like a cut above and the Morelia Neo IIs are no different. They are a secure fit which gives a great feeling when you are charging down the pitch on the way to hitting a ruck. The uppers look conventional but they are lighter than many other boots on the market. That helps in the aforementioned charging.

It is a perfect combination of very sturdy underfoot but light and flexible. No wonder the Mizuno Morelias, in all their guises, are so commonly seen on the feet of pro players.

Reasons to buy:

– Tried and tested in the game over many years

– Plenty of security underfoot

Reasons not to buy:

– Wouldn’t be a good fit if you were looking for something ultra modern aesthetically

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Adidas Kakari Z.1 SG Boots

Adidas Kakari Z.1 Rugby Boots Black/Green/Royal Blue | Free Delivery


It’s impossible to write a list of the best rugby boots without including a pair of Kakaris. They have consistently been some of the most popular boots among pros and amateurs alike.

They have the solid base you require but that doesn’t come at the expense of heft. Adidas have cut weight from their most recent Kakaris. This is the boot the modern flanker needs; sleek without compromising the job it needs to do.

Reasons to buy:

– Tried and tested by thousands of pro and amateur feet over the years. You are guaranteed a quality boot

– Even lighter than before but without losing any functionality

Reasons not to buy:

– Last year’s boots, recommended by Rugby World, are available for up to 75% cheaper than the latest Kakaris

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Canterbury Stampede Pro SG

The Stampede Pros have a sock-like design which makes them immediately comfortable and close fitting. A high-performance boot should feel snug not baggy. The Stampede Pros feel like they are transporting all of your power into the ground. Whether you’re scrummaging, rucking or carrying, that is exactly what you want.

We trialled a size 14 version of the Stampede Pros. Despite the ridiculous size, they were still lighter than many ‘normal’ sized boots in smaller sizes. But that comes with a scuff-resistant upper and reinforced toe area. Making them a great option for flankers.

Reasons to buy:

– A very comfortable fit immediately out of the box

– Plenty of protection on the upper which means they will last a good few seasons

Reasons not to buy:

– They don’t have the ultra lightweight construction of some alternatives

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Adidas Kakari SG

adidas Kakari SG - White/Silver/Grey - Mens Boots

You can tell how highly we think of the Kakari when two make it onto this list. This is the more affordable version but one which comes equally highly praised. They are an incredibly comfortable fit immediately with a soft interior.

A great touch is the extra protection on the ankle. You’ll be thankful for it when a stray boot clocks you on the side of the foot.

The modern forward is dynamic and moves around the pitch. These Kakaris reflect that need with the lightness and strength underfoot. A great option for all forwards but especially flankers who operate as that link between the forwards and backs.

Reasons to buy:

– Most people couldn’t tell the difference between this boot and one £100 more expensive

– Great solid platform for generating power in the scrum and breakdown

Reasons not to buy:

– The upper is quite easily scuffed

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