A buyers' guide featuring the best boots for the talented little 'uns!

Best Rugby Boots for Kids in 2021

When it comes to buying rugby boots for kids they really only care about two things – how it looks and if its comfortable. Most boot manufacturers understand this and offer child versions of their adult boots. This means that your kid could wear what their hero wears for just a fraction of the cost.

There are some specifics when purchasing kids’ boots. Most offer traditional laces as the closure method, but if your kid can’t tie laces or isn’t confident using them yet, many boots offer a Velcro alternative. Your child will be feeling pretty smug when the weather turns wintery and they don’t need to tie laces with frozen fingers.

In terms of looks, it is worth putting aside your own aesthetic judgement. Kids love colour and boot manufacturers know this. Whatever colour your child likes, you can be sure that there is a boot out there for them. You would be amazed what difference it makes, when the weather turns and they would rather stay inside and play on the Xbox, to have a colourful boot they think they look good in.

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Best Rugby Boots for Kids

Canterbury Phoenix 3.0 Children’s SG Boots


A great boot for the youngsters. The upper is very durable meaning the boots will last as long as they fit. The cushioned tongue ensures comfort and the Velcro straps mean that your kid will have independence and won’t need to rely on the coach to tie up their laces.

The colour might look a bit straightforward but there is some nice grey detailing that elevates this boot up in the style stakes.

Velcro straps make a huge difference for kids who can’t yet tie their laces

£20 is fantastic value when you consider that you will probably need to buy a few pairs as your child grows

– These are good-looking boots but might be a little boring for some kids

Nike Mercurial Academy DF Kylian Mbappe Rosa FG Boots


These boots are both striking and comfortable. The bootie liner offers extreme comfort thanks to its sock like fit. The plastic moulded studs will be fine on any surface, even artificial ones. Performance shouldn’t really be a consideration for kids’ boots but these are so light that they will encourage regular wear without increased fatigue.

The styling, though, is the most noteworthy part of this boot. The boots look great and, although it might not appeal to us dinosaurs, this is the kind of bold style that kids love.

Great looking boot which appeals to kids

Extremely comfortable thanks to the bootie fit

– A lot of money when you consider you might struggle to get through a full season before the next size up is required

Nike Mercurial Vapor Club Children’s FG Boots


The Mercurial Vapor provide exceptional comfort for tiny feet. The ankle collar and insole are both cushioned which means that they can be worn for a long time without discomfort. The collar padding also means that even if there is some misplaced boots the tears will be kept to a minimum.

The Velcro strap works really well for young kids and looks really sleek in this single-strap format.

The Velcro strap is great for young kids

Incredibly comfortable, you won’t get any moaning about sore feet

– The Nike swoosh is a bit different to normal but these boots aren’t very exciting to look at

Adidas Predator 20.3 Laceless Junior FG Boots


These Predator 20.3s look so good and feel amazingly comfortable. The traditional lace, or Velcro, closure has been replaced with a laceless system more akin to an over-engineered sock.

That might look like a sacrifice of performance in favour of comfort but it’s not. The closure is tight enough to give you confidence when making moves without the pinch points of laces or Velcro. Because these are designed as football boots, there is plenty of room for consistent and accurate kicking.

Really good-looking boots that will appeal to young players

Comfortable enough to be worn all day without complaints

– The trade-off for that comfort is that there isn’t really any foot protection from a stray stud

Patrick Power X Children’s Rugby Boots


Have you even played rugby if you haven’t owned a pair of Patricks? The Power X is ideal when the weather turns bad thanks to the eight-metal stud sole. They are combined with a padded collar and heel to provide maximal comfort for long days at rugby tournaments.

The lace closure provides a tight fit and the additional Velcro strap ensures that there is no wiggle room on the heel or upper foot.

Plenty of traction for the winter matches

Exceptionally good value for money at less than £20 a pair

– Some nice touches with the red and white but still, these aren’t much to look at

Gilbert Step X9 SG Boots


The six-metal studs on the Step X9s mean that although they are aimed at soft ground, they will also be wearable on all but the firmest of surfaces. That all-round usage is combined with extreme comfort, thanks to a cushioned insole, for all day wearability. The white logo and flashes add a bit of style to this understated classic.

Very comfortable to wear without sacrificing traction

Plenty of protection on the forefoot from a stray stud

– Quite expensive given the relative lack of exciting features

Canterbury Junior Stampede 3.0 Plus Boots


We are big fans of the adult Stampedes and the junior version hits those high standards. The upper is durable and scuff resistant so they will look brand-new match after match after match. Those uppers also offer plenty of protection from a wayward stud.

The jet black colour with intricate styling elevates these boots above the level of the competition.

The PU upper offers enough durability that these boots will last for season after season, or even child after child

Not only do they look great, the adult version will be seen on the feet of many of the best pros

– The six-stud set-up won’t offer as much traction as the traditional eight-stud sole

Kooga Power Boots


The Powers have plenty of cushioning in the boot for a locked-in feel without sacrificing comfort. That cushioning is important because the eight-stud sole offers supreme traction but, without cushioning, that comes at the expense of comfort on hard surfaces. Like the Stampede, the Power is an all-black boot that is elevated thanks to some nice styling touches.

Really good value at less than £30 a pair

Plenty of grip and comfort for the cold winter months

– Styling is good but may be too understated for some kids

That wraps up our rundown of the best rugby boots for kids in 2020.

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