A buyers' guide featuring the best boots for the talented little 'uns!

Best Rugby Boots for Kids in 2022

I remember as a kid there was only one thing I cared about when it came to rugby boots: how they looked.

As a parent you probably also care about the cost, though. That’s why we’ve not listed any boot priced at more than £50. After all, not only do kids grow out of boots quickly, they also have a tendency to leave them in various places. In this guide we highlight five of the best.

Best Rugby Boots for Kids

Adidas Kakari SG Junior Boots

Kakari SG Junior Rugby Boots


We’re big fans of the adult Kakaris so it’s understandable that we included the kids’ boots here. They look fantastic and are a very comfortable fit. The six studs are perfect for younger kids who don’t need the added weight of the eight studs they’ll use as adults.

All in all, the Kakaris are a great option for any parents who want something that performs well without breaking the bank.

Reasons to buy:

– A good replica of the excellent adult boot

– Very comfortable fit

Reasons not to buy:

– The largely black look might be a bit dull for some kids

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £36

Kooga Power Children’s Boots

Power Rugby Boots Childrens


A pair of Koogas is a right of passage for all players. There is a good reason for that. They’re very cost effective and are ideal for any kids who fancy themselves in the front five.

The eight-stud layout is very unusual for kids’ boots but it’s what you need in the deep winter on the muddiest of pitches. They have rightly been the first call for parents for many years and that should continue into the future.

Reasons to buy:

– A great pair of boots for the worst surfaces

– A long tradition of pumping out great boots for kids

Reasons not to buy:

– The design is quite dull

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £27

Buy Now from Sports Direct for £29.99

Puma Future 3.1 Junior FG Boots

Future 3.1 Junior FG Football Boots


The adult version of this boot has made many of our best boots of 2022 lists. The sock fit makes them incredibly comfortable and helps to reduce weight. That improves performance and it also reduces fatigue.

The design might be a bit loud but remember that kids love designs like this.

Reasons to buy:

– They look great and kids will feel great in them

– The fit is tight but comfortable

Reasons not to buy:

– They only have plastic-moulded studs so won’t offer enough grip in the winter

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £45

Adidas Predator Freak .3 Childrens FG Boots

Predator Freak .3 Childrens FG Football Boots


The Predator Freaks are designed with football in mind. The impact of that is they are great for young kickers. The toe area is wide and features ‘Demonscale’ elements to help with ball control. This kind of technology is becoming increasingly popular and will almost certainly feature in boots they wear as adults.

Once again, they might not be to your tastes, but kids love boots like these.

Reasons to buy:

– Great features for all young kickers

– Kids love sock-fit boots like the Predator Freak

Reasons not to buy:

– Another boot that focuses more on firm ground and isn’t a good fit for muddy conditions

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £40

Nike Mercurial Vapor Club Children’s FG Boots

Mercurial Vapor Club Childrens FG Football Boots


Coaching very young children is 50% coaching and 50% tying shoelaces. If everyone wore the Mercurial Vapors there would be a lot more coaching.

For young kids, the key is that boots are comfortable. the Vapors fulfill that with a cushioned insole and tight laceless fit. Are they super high performance? No, but at this age that isn’t necessary.

Reasons to buy:

– The lack of laces means that young kids don’t need to ask any adults for help

– They are very comfortable

Reasons not to buy:

– There are cheaper non-branded options out there that will offer a similar level of performance

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £33

Buy Now from Sports Direct for £33

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