A buyers' guide to the best boots for flying wingers and full-backs

Best Rugby Boots for Speed 2022

Modern defences are getting incredibly good, but, they still can’t defend against raw pace in space. It is the most dangerous attacking weapon.

If you’re one of those people lucky enough to have that pace then don’t hide it in old-fashioned rugby boots. Get something light and nimble to stay ahead of the game.

Best Rugby Boots for Speed

Puma Ultra 1.4 FG Boots

We tried these on straight out of the box. They are lightweight. Extremely lighweight. Lightweight to the point that you feel they must be compromising on something. But, on firm surfaces, or if you play on 4G pitches, they offer everything you need.

It’s impossible to ignore a boot which actually made us faster. Physics taught us that lighter is quicker. But it’s one thing knowing the equation and another feeling it out on the pitch. The Ultra 1.4 FGs were instantly much quicker than the relatively new boots we changed out of. You feel like all your energy is going into driving you forwards.

Reasons to buy:

– They look extremely good

– Our testers noted genuine improvements in their speed. The lightweight construction really does encourage you to accelerate and jink and dart where you please

Reasons not to buy:

– There’s no getting away from it, they are very expensive. Puma has other boots in the range (Ultra 2.4 and Ultra 3.4), which are cheaper while still offering some of the same features

Buy Now from Puma for £180

Canterbury Speed 3.0 Pro SG Boots

Canterbury Speed 3.0 Pro SG - White/Wild Lime - Mens Boots


The Canterbury Speed boots have appeared regularly in these lists over the past few years. They punch significantly above their price range and are extremely comfortable.

The Speed 3.0 aren’t a full sock design like some of the others on this list, but they contain a sock element to provide a tight but comfortable fit. The combination of the sock upper and sturdy sole give you the benefit of comfort and performance.

The fact that you can get this much boot for well under £100 is testament to the work Canterbury have done.

Reasons to buy:

– Plenty of features you would find on a more expensive boot but at half, or sometimes a quarter, of the cost of their competitors

– Good comfortable fit straight out of the box

Reasons not to buy:

– Can feel a little saggy at the edges, as though some of your energy is being lost into the boot

Buy Now from Pro Direct Rugby for £64 

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £41

Nike Mercurial Superfly Academy DF FG Boots

Mercurial Superfly Academy DF FG Football Boots


I know, I know, these may be too out there for some. When we are talking about speed though, it would be unwise to ignore our friends over there in the world of football.

When it comes to playing on the wing, the requirements are quite similar to football. You have to get from A to B as quickly as possible, plus avoid injury from studs on the toe. The Mercurials provide both and are an ideal boot for many wingers.

Reasons to buy:

– They do everything which is required of a modern rugby boot, especially for wingers

– Comfortable design and very lightweight

Reasons not to buy:

– The design could be a bit outrageous for some

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £85

Puma Future Z 2.3 Boots

The Future Z 2.3 is certainly eye-catching; it will probably catch your opponents eye as you tear past them on the way to scoring!

They are incredibly light and feel fast when you put them on. The knitted upper won’t be for everyone. I found it a little tight for my wide feet whereas a team-mate, with narrower feet, felt they were very comfortable and secure.

The knit upper is reinforced near the sole so it does feel like you are wearing high-performance boots rather than a high-performance sweater.

Reasons to buy:

– Very comfortable boot for those with narrower feet

– Hits the modern balancing act of lightweight but not flimsy

Reasons not to buy:

– Zero toe protection on these from a stray stud

– Not for anyone hoping to play in the pack

Buy Now from Puma for £120

Gilbert Kaizen Pace Boots

Kaizen Pace Boots


Gilbert are giving the game away with their name here. The Kaizens are quick. They are on the more affordable side of boots but they haven’t scrimped on detail. The offset laces provide a wide kicking area and the mesh effect adds grip to make you more confident in your kicking.

They are comfortable immediately and would be a perfect match for someone who was looking for a durable boot that won’t cost them a fortune. At this price you give up some of the benefits of the elite boots but that shouldn’t matter for the vast majority of us.

Reasons to buy:

– Ideal for kickers who want a wide contact area

– Lots of features for a less expensive boot

Reasons not to buy:

– May not be a vast saving as you will likely need to buy a separate pair for the worst of the winter months

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £60

Buy Now from Sports Direct for £60

That concludes our guide to the best rugby boots for speed.

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