A buyers' guide featuring the best boots for players with wide feet

Best Rugby Boots for Wide Feet 2022

As someone with wide feet, I know the feeling. You see a beautiful pair of new rugby boots, you order them, they arrive and bang, they’re exceptionally uncomfortable if worn for more than two minutes at a time.

It’s frustrating and can be an expensive mistake. In this guide we take a look at the five best boots for those of us with wide feet.

Best Rugby Boots for Wide Feet

Adidas Malice SG Boots

I have to confess an interest. These slightly beaten up, off-white Malice SGs are the ones I choose to wear when I play and train. Comfort levels straight out of the box are very high and I’ve never had any blister problems even when playing on very hard or synthetic surfaces.

If you are a kicker, these are great because of the massive clear area on the toe thanks to the offset laces. I felt that the offset laces were more comfortable for my wider feet as well. These are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had.

Reasons to buy:

– Very affordable for their quality

– Ideal for kickers who might miscue some of their kicks

Reasons not to buy:

– I do have to change into a different pair of longer studded boots for the deep dark winter

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Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite Boots

The Phoenix Genesis Elites are designed in conjunction with Wales flanker (come winger, come centre, come fly-half!) Justin Tipuric. The boots are unsurprisingly therefore a mix of forward grit and back agility.

Canterbury are always a good option if you have wider feet. The more traditional boot construction tends to favour those with wide feet compared to the modern sock-type boots. These boots might be designed by a flanker but they represent the future of boots where technology gets to the point that all boots can be worn by all players.

Reasons to buy:

– Understated style if you are someone who decries the rise of the sock boot

– Would suit any player regardless of position. If you are a scrummaging prop or a flighty winger, or even Tipuric himself, you will benefit from this boot

Reasons not to buy:

– Would not be a good fit if you play mostly on dry pitches

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Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots

Having just mentioned that sock boots tend not to be a great fit for those with wide feet, here are a pair of hybrid sock boots. The Stampede Pros have a sock like fit around the ankle with a more traditional boot everywhere else. This is the best of both worlds. The fit around the ankle is nice and tight without being restrictive and the rest of the boot gives plenty of room for a comfortable fit.

We trialled a size 14 version of the Stampede Pros. Despite the ridiculous size, they were still lighter than many ‘normal’ sized boots in smaller sizes. But, that comes with a scuff resistant upper and reinforced toe area. Making them a great option for props who still need to be mobile around the pitch.

Reasons to buy:

– A very comfortable fit immediately out of the box

– Plenty of protection on the upper, which means they will last a good few seasons

Reasons not to buy:

– There isn’t any ankle protection here thanks to the sock fit. That can be a concern in mauls and scrums

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Mizuno Morelia Neo II SI SG Boots

Mizuno Morelia Neo II SI SG - Chinese Red / Silver / Black - Mens Boots - Soft Ground


Mizuno boots feel like a cut above and the Morelia Neo IIs are no different. They are a secure fit which gives a great feeling when you are charging down the pitch on the way to hitting a ruck. The uppers look conventional but they are lighter than many other boots on the market. That helps in the aforementioned charging.

It is a perfect combination of very sturdy underfoot but light and flexible. No wonder the Mizuno Morelias, in all their guises, are so commonly seen on the feet of pro players.

Reasons to buy:

– Tried and tested in the game over many years

– Plenty of security underfoot

Reasons not to buy:

– Wouldn’t be a good fit if you were looking for something ultra modern aesthetically

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Canterbury Stampede 3.0 SG Boots


We have two pairs of Canterbury Stampedes on this list. The Pros are fantastic but the 3.0s are also great and at a much lower price. You lose the sock fit but keep the rest of an excellent boot. I was a really big fan of these and they really are incredibly comfortable.

Something that all props will be familiar with is a stray stud scuffing or tearing an upper. I’ve known props go through two boots a season as they get torn apart. That won’t happen with these boots as the uppers are durable and abrasion resistant.

Reasons to buy:

– Plenty of features packed into a very affordable boot

– Long life thanks to their abrasion resistant upper

Reasons not to buy:

– They don’t have the super lightweight construction of other boots here

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That concludes our rundown of the best rugby boots for wide feet.

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