A buyers' guide to the best boots available for female players

Best Rugby Boots for Women 2022

If you are expecting a list of female-specific rugby boots, then I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Almost none of the big boot producers offer female-specific boots. That means that almost all of the elite female rugby players in the UK are using men’s, or even kids’, boots.

This poses many problems but the most commonly observed are blisters and arch pain. Women tend to have narrower heels, which move around in men’s boots. Women also tend to have higher arches, which again aren’t catered for in male boots.

Kids’ boots can have a better fit but very rarely have eight studs and, if they do, they aren’t as long as adult studs. That is a nightmare for anyone looking to play in the forwards.

Obviously more needs to be done by the big-name brands to provide more female fit boots. However, until that point, here are five of the best options for women.

Best Rugby Boots for Women

Adidas Kakari Z.1 SG Boots

Adidas Kakari Z.1 Rugby Boots Black/Green/Royal Blue | Free Delivery


It’s impossible to write a list of the best rugby boots without including a pair of Kakaris. They have consistently been some of the most popular boots among pros and amateurs alike. To research this guide we spoke to many women and adidas were overwhelmingly the most popular boot manufacturer.

They have the solid base you require but that doesn’t come at the expense of heft. Adidas have cut weight from their most recent Kakaris. This is the boot the modern forward needs; sleek without compromising the job it needs to do.

Reasons to buy:

– Tried and tested by thousands of pro and amateur feet over the years. You are guaranteed a quality boot

– Even lighter than before but without losing any functionality

Reasons not to buy:

– Last year’s boots, recommended by Rugby World, are available for up to 75% cheaper than the latest Kakaris

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Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots

Modern boots fall into two categories; sock fit and traditional. Sock-fit boots came over from football where lightness is crucial. But the other benefit is the close and comfortable fit. The Stampede Pros combine a sock-like fit with the sturdiness and protection you would expect from a traditional boot.

We trialled a size 14 version of the Stampede Pros. Despite the ridiculous size, they were still lighter than many ‘normal’ sized boots in smaller sizes. But, that comes with a scuff resistant upper and reinforced toe area. Making them a great option for forwards.

Reasons to buy:

– A very comfortable fit immediately out of the box

– Plenty of protection on the upper which means they will last a good few seasons

Reasons not to buy:

– They don’t have the ultra lightweight construction of some alternatives

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Adidas Kakari SG Boots

adidas Kakari SG - White/Silver/Grey - Mens Boots


You can tell how highly we think of the Kakari when two make it onto this list. This is the more affordable version. They are an incredibly comfortable fit immediately with a soft interior. A great touch is the extra protection on the ankle. You’ll be thankful for it when a stray boot clocks you on the side of the foot.

The modern forward is dynamic and moves around the pitch. These Kakaris reflect that need with the lightness and strength underfoot. A great option for all forwards.

Reasons to buy:

– Most people couldn’t tell the difference between this boot and one £100 more expensive

– Great solid platform for generating power in the scrum and breakdown

Reasons not to buy:

– The upper is quite easily scuffed

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Adidas Malice SG Boots

adidas Malice SG Boots - White | adidas UK


The adidas Malices come highly recommended. These are the boots I’ve chosen to wear for the last couple of seasons.

The Malices are comfortable immediately out of the box thanks to the soft cushioned inner. After about 30 training sessions and 12 matches I can confirm that they remain as comfortable as ever.

The offset laces are ideal for kickers. It is hard not to be encouraged when you look down and see a dinner plate sized area to kick with.

Reasons to buy:

– Incredibly comfortable with good cushioning to protect ankle knocks

– Very reasonably priced for a boot of this quality

Reasons not to buy:

– Very effective on most surfaces aside from very muddy, which isn’t what you would expect from an SG boot

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Adidas Predator Malice Control SG Boots

adidas Predator Malice Control Soft Ground Boots


Many, if not most, of the best fly-halves in the world choose to wear adidas boots. That made sense a few years ago and it makes even more sense now as adidas make kicking easier and easier with their boots.

The offset laces are a feature that can also be found on the less expensive Malices. The grip zones are not, however. They can take some getting used to visually, but you won’t care when you see how they can help with accuracy and distance.

Reasons to buy:

– Follow in the footsteps of legends of the games who have tried and tested this product

– An incredibly comfortable fit that you will enjoy wearing

Reasons not to buy:

– They are an acquired taste visually

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