A buyers' guide featuring the best cleats for the beginner player

Best Rugby Cleats in 2022

If you are new to rugby, the world of rugby boots can be confusing. It needn’t be however.

There are a couple of questions you should have in mind when buying a pair of boots; what position will I be playing and on what surface.

If you are unsure of your position then you can get a pair of do-it-all boots. They won’t necessarily be the best for any individual position but they will allow you to play anywhere as you get to know the game.

If you are going to be a forward then you will want something harder wearing with longer studs. If you are a back then you can get away with soccer cleats. In this guide we suggest five of the best if you are new to the game.

Best Rugby Cleats

Adidas Malice SG Boots

These are the cleats I’ve decided to play in. They are affordable and very comfortable from first wear. They lean more towards a backs boot, although they can also be found in a forward option. The lightweight nature of them comes at the expense of some padding on the toes and ankles where forwards might get stood on.

They are perfect if you are kicking. The offset laces open up a great big patch of the cleat for you to land the ball on. That inspires confidence and has given me better and more consistent results.

Reasons to buy:

– Very affordable for their quality

– Ideal for kickers who might miscue some of their kicks

Reasons not to buy:

– I do have to change into a different pair of longer studded boots when playing on wet pitches

Buy Now from Sports Direct for £39

Buy Now from Pro Direct Rugby for £65

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £52

Gilbert Kaizen Pace Boots

Kaizen Pace Boots


Gilbert are giving the game away with their name here. The Kaizens are quick. They are on the more affordable side of cleats but they haven’t scrimped on detail. The offset laces provide a wide kicking area and the mesh effect adds grip to make you more confident in your kicking.

The Paces are generally targeted towards backs, however, you could get away with wearing them as a forward if you play on either synthetic turf or on very dry pitches.

Reasons to buy:

– Ideal for kickers who want a wide contact area

– Lots of features for a less expensive boot

Reasons not to buy:

– May not be a vast saving as you will likely need to buy a separate pair for the worst of the winter months

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £60

Buy Now from Sports Direct for £60

Canterbury Speed 3.0 Pro SG Boots

Canterbury Speed 3.0 Pro SG - White/Wild Lime - Mens Boots


The Canterbury Speed cleats have regularly appeared in these lists over the past few years. They punch significantly above their price range and are extremely comfortable.

Many modern cleats opt for a sock-like fit. Instead of looking like a traditional shoe, they look more like a sock. This makes them more comfortable and also lighter. If you are a particularly quick these are the boots which will help you the most.

The fact that you can get this much boot for well under £100 is testament to the work Canterbury have done.

Reasons to buy:

– Plenty of features you would find on a more expensive boot but at half, or sometimes a quarter, of the cost of their competitors

– Good comfortable fit straight out of the box

Reasons not to buy:

– Can feel a little saggy at the edges, as though some of your energy is being lost into the boot

Buy Now from Pro Direct Rugby for £64 

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £41

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite Boots

The Phoenix Genesis Elites are the most expensive on this list but they offer a lot for that price. They are designed by Welsh flanker Justin Tipuric. Tipuric is famous for his ability to play all across the pitch and these cleats match that. No matter which position you end up playing, you would benefit from a pair of the Genesis Elites.

They are lightweight, which is great if you’re quick, but also come with plenty of toe protection, which is great if you are playing in the forwards.

Reasons to buy:

– Understated style if you are someone who decries the rise of the sock boot

– Would suit any player regardless of position. If you are a scrummaging prop or a flighty winger, or even Tipuric himself, you will benefit from this boot

Reasons not to buy:

– Are very expensive if you are new to the game

Buy Now from Lovell Rugby for £130

Canterbury Stampede 3.0 SG Boots


Canterbury are one of the leaders when it comes to modern cleats for forwards. The requirements are a very grippy sole, which will give you purchase when you are pushing in a scrum. They also need protection around the boot and a durable upper. The Stampede 3.0 has all those features.

The upper is specially designed to be abrasion resistant. That means these cleats will last a very long time and still look relatively new.

Reasons to buy:

– Plenty of features packed into a very affordable cleat

– Long life thanks to their abrasion resistant upper

Reasons not to buy:

– They don’t have the super lightweight construction of other cleats here

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