Designing kit can go oh-so wrong. Here are a few of the ugliest shirts rugby has seen

As part of our long-read on how rugby shirts are designed, we also felt the need to shine a light on some of the worst ever created – because when teams get it wrong, oh boy, they get it really wrong.

So we asked the question: Are these the worst rugby shirts of all time?

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We genuinely could have picked three times as many options as these, and we were sent some howlingly horrible options via social media. But in the end, we plumped for these six shockers. But feel free to hit us up with more awful options on our social channels, or you can email us at Spread the bad taste around!

Canada shirt 1995

Canada, 1995 (Getty)


Yes, that is a huge maple leaf design on the back. A bit too on the nose? No one can accuse the Canadians of being too subtle back then.

Bulls shirt 2020

The Bulls, 2020 Getty Images)

BULLS 2020

Captain America tributes in the shirt design? Yuck. One of those pop culture concepts that did not land at all.

Are these the worst rugby shirts of all time?

Edinburgh, 2009 (Getty)


This is the worst ever acid flashback. For a short stint, Edinburgh went all-in on fluoro-spattered shirts from hell.

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Are these the worst rugby shirts of all time?

NZ, 2007 (Getty)


Quite simply a grey mess of meeeugh. A bad memory from a Rugby World Cup that already haunts many Kiwis.

Are these the worst rugby shirts of all time?

The Bulls, 2014 (Getty)

BULLS 2014

We really wish this shirt was properly camouflaged. Instead it’s plain to see. Our eyes!

Are these the worst rugby shirts of all time?

Stade, 2008 (Getty)


Similar to the Bulls, these guys in Paris are repeat offenders. We honestly could have picked any of a number of Stade shockers off the rack for this. But 2008 wins it.

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