Here's the revamped lyrics to Hymns and Arias

Welsh hero and performer Max Boyce treated the Principality Stadium to a revamped version of his classic hit, Hymns and Arias ahead of Wales versus France in the Six Nations.

The tune included new lyrics that poked fun at the ban of Delilah, the no-try award from France’s unlikely win over Scotland, and gave a nod to Shaun Edwards.

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Here are the new lyrics below.

The lyrics to revamped Hymns and Arias by Max Boyce

“We had said farewell to Wembley, when England’s hope was slain.

But now we’re back in Cardiff, where Derek has forecast rain.

And the French will hear us singing and their heads will fill with doubt,

for it is Mother’s day in Cardiff, and the daffodils are out.

(chorus)And we were singing hymns and arias,
‘Land of my Fathers’, ‘Ar hyd y nos

“The French are looking worried, they’re not so self assured.

They drove down here this morning, on the wrong side of the road.

And they heard the choirs singing, and they listened to the band,

We would have sung Delilah… but the Union had it banned!


“France should have lost to Scotland, you should have heard the crowd.

They were screaming at the linesman, but the try was disallowed.

He was sitting with his guide dog, so I think it might be wise…

next time he goes to Scotland, he goes there in disguise.


“The French have disappointed, and they’ve lost their savoir faire.

When they lost against the Irish, Shaun Edwards lost his hair.

So if we lose again today, and Shaun then gets the sack…

I’ll sell my mother’s council house, to try and get him back.


“That side we played in Dublin, best Irish side I’ve seen.

I’m just glad I’m colour blind, and I can’t tell red from green…

So when the game had ended and the singing had begun,

I joined the celebrations because I thought that Wales had won.


“I read the Sunday papers that Wales could win today.

So I wish the roof was open so God could watch us play.

And I hope you show forgiveness to all of those who doubt,

For it’s Mother’s Day in Cardiff, and the daffodils are out.”

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