Tell us about your rugby background.

I was born in Torquay and my dad, Dave, took me to Dartmouth minis when I was four. He played prop for them. I moved on to Kingsbridge, then Exeter Chiefs from the age of about ten until I was 17, then joined Gloucester.

What do you like about being a hooker?

I like to be in the mix of things. The head-to-head battle with your opposite number appeals to me.

Who influenced you as you came through?

My dad has been key. Through all the trials and tribulations of being picked and dropped by clubs and England age groups, he’s encouraged me to stick at it.

You turned 20 this year. Did you miss out on normal teenage life?

I don’t think I’ve missed out on a lot. Rugby has kept me on the straight and narrow, when some people I know have ended up in prison. I have a good life.

What has been your favourite Gloucester game so far?

The recent one against Leicester (Gloucester won 27-21 despite going down to 13 men late on). We all worked as a unit towards the end to get
the result we wanted. It was by far the best atmosphere I’ve experienced and the noise echoing around the ground made me smile.

What do you do in your spare time?

When I can I like to get back to Devon and go sea-fishing with my dad.

RW Verdict: A Grand Slam winner with England U20, Britton has strength and nerves of steel, as Leicester discovered.

This was published in the January 2013 issue of Rugby World. Click here to see what’s in the current edition.