sam davies


How do you feel about winning IRB Junior Player of the Year?

I was shocked to be nominated but it was an honour to win. I’m gutted about losing the U20 World Championship final, but this is a bonus picking up this award.

Did you start playing rugby because of your dad (Gloucester DoR Nigel Davies)? 

Not really. I used to play football at Swansea City and I just did a bit of rugby at school. I got a trial for Ospreys U16s a year young and when I got in I knocked the football on the head.

Always played fly-half? 

Yes, and I’ve always been a goal-kicker too.

How would you describe your playing style? 

I like to think I’m a good controller of the game. Kicking is one of my strengths but I can mix the game up a bit too.

What are your aims for next season? 

To get more game time for the Ospreys – I haven’t played in the Rabo yet.

Is your dad supportive? 

Very. He gives me things to work on but he never gets on top of me. It was weird when I played against Gloucester though! He is more confident in me than I am in myself.

RW Verdict: Davies’s talent has been recognised with junior rugby’s biggest individual prize.

This was published in the August 2013 edition of Rugby World. Click here to see what’s in the current edition.