What’s it like living with dad Jim?

It’s all right, we don’t talk much about work when we get home. We do watch a lot of rugby together though. We live with Mum and my 16-year-old sister too.

Do you get stick at Northampton for being the coach’s son?

When I first started I got a bit, but now we get on with it and it’s pretty normal.

When did you join Northampton?

I joined the junior academy when I was 14, but I’m doing my first full-time year now, as I’ve just left school. I wanted to get my A levels, in politics, economics and geography. Now I’m starting an Open University degree in politics and economics.

What position do you prefer to play?

I like both No 10 and 12, and I’ve played both throughout my life. I played for England U18 last year and we won the FIRA Championship, then beat South Africa over there.

What are you doing now?

I’m in the U20 squad and we’re just building towards the Six Nations at the moment. I’m still getting used to the Saints environment as well.

Who’s had a big influence on your career so far?

My uncle, Pete. Dad was away a fair bit so my uncle spent a lot of time training with me. I didn’t start playing til I was 12 or 13, and I was into football and cricket as well. It was when we moved that I got into rugby; in Manchester, Sale is tiny compared to the football clubs there, but in Northampton the rugby club is at the heart of the town.

Best rugby moment?

Watching Saints win the Premiership final last season. I’d been a fan for six or seven years, so it was nice to see them win and be part of it at Twickenham.

RW verdict: Not only does he live with a director of rugby, but he’s learning from a club who took home two trophies last season and a fly-half on England’s radar in Stephen Myler. A bright future awaits this No 10.