The Bristol and Wales scrum-half gives her top tips

How to perfect quick taps – by Keira Bevan

Kicking for touch or goal are the more favoured options when awarded a penalty, but taking a quick tap can create a try-scoring opportunity.

Here Bristol and Wales scrum-half Keira Bevan gives her top tips on how to perfect quick taps.

Assess the situation

“Quick taps are a great attacking opportunity because the defence switch off when they make a mistake and that provides a platform for a scrum-half to come alive. A great place to go quickly is 10m from either line.

“The key thing is to scan first and see where the space is. If there is space in front of you then go for it, but if you see lots of opposition shirts, move the ball and try to get two passes in. Whatever your initial reaction is, you just have to back yourself.”

Decide quickly

“It’s important to remember the context of the match, including the weather conditions. That is something we talk about during the match, so we know when we want to go quickly and when we want to kick to the corner and use our set-piece and maul.

“The key, though, is that you make a decision quickly and the rest of the team support you.”

Keep options open

“It’s useful to train how quickly you can get your hands on the ball after a decision is made. If you get your hands on the ball, even if you don’t choose to go quickly, you still have all the options available.

“If you do choose to kick to the corner, that isn’t the end of it. Make sure that you still look for the tap option if the defence turn their back.”

Stay switched on

“Defensively, I think like an attacker. I know that I want to go quickly when I’m attacking, so defensively I need to get back 10m as soon as possible.

“As soon as that whistle blows, whether attacking or defending, you need to react, not turn off.”

This article originally appeared in the March 2022 edition of Rugby World. 

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