Let fans generate their own atmosphere for a change, roars Will Kelleher of The Times

Ever been to a game and found yourself unable to catch a break between the cacophony? Some utterly detest music at stadiums, being played during the game.

One of those people is Will Kelleher of The Times, who’s had enough of ear-splitting tunes between the play. Read his thoughts below…

End music at stadiums between play

“Sometimes when I sit in the press box at Test grounds and some incidental music comes on during a break in play, an image comes into my mind. It’s of a host-type figure behind glass, with a set of buttons in front of them, suddenly whirling into a manic panic, jabbing at the knob with ‘DUA LIPA’ – or whichever artist has been carefully selected for that day’s game – on it.

“‘Quick! They’re walking to a lineout!’ the person is shouting. ‘For the love of God get something on! What will the fans do if there is a brief pause in the organised entertainment?!’

“Then on it comes, the great atmosphere killer. Fifteen seconds of a song you think you recognise that almost always stays on very slightly too long when the action has resumed.

“Seriously, is everyone so perilously close to utter boredom at games these days that they need this? Who even asked for it? Or thought it added to the occasion? Surely no one sitting at one of the Six Nations venues is plonked on a seat lightly rocking back and forth, sweating profusely, such is their dread that they might not be able to listen to Sigala while the match is on.

‘A pre-match show? Lovely, let’s have it. Some after? Why not. Post tries and kicks? Fill yer boots. But during scrum resets or after kicks to touch? In the bin.

“When you are at a really good game, whether it’s at Kingsholm or Kings Park, when it’s all kicking off and the match is tight and tasty, have you ever sat there and thought: ‘I wish there was eight seconds of Notorious B.I.G I could jam to right now.’ If you have, you’re mad.

“I remember being at a match in Dunedin while on holiday in New Zealand – the Highlanders against Western Force, six years ago – when one poor bloke was knocked out by a tackle. He needed quick medical attention and was taken off on a stretcher. It was pretty grim stuff. Until, that was, Shots by LMFAO, ft. Lil Jon started blasting out of the Tannoy.

‘Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots – shots, everybody!

“I suddenly felt so much better! Oh hang on, no, no I didn’t. It was completely unnecessary, it was uncalled for and it was uncomfortable.

“I vote that when it comes on in future we all just start booing until the game resumes. Or, more positively, sing whatever the song you sing is instead?

“And if the game is as flat as a pancake, there really is nothing that Nathan Dawe x KSI can do about it anyway. So let’s round up the button jabbers and have it done with.”

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