What’s Hot and Not from December!
From Rugby World reader, Larissa Falls

Got any to add?


England U18/U19’s… Assured victories notched by both against Australian Schools. With fierce forwards, dynamic backs, the ability to play wide and score for fun; the future’s looking bright. One to watch: George Ford.

Exeter Chiefs…Compassionate and generous in offering to pay for Coventry’s travel costs. In how many other sports would you witness a gesture of such good-will?

Talk of the Decade… A time to reminisce about rugby’s memorable moments and its heroic players. The matches that made us shout, scream, smile and cry. Those triumphant victories and gallant losses. The defining instances of the last 10 years that have captured our hearts, inspired our imaginations, and that will not leave our memories.

‘SIR’ Ian McGeechan… Does it really need an explanation!?

Chris Ashton… Top Guinness Premiership try scorer, tallying eight tries in his last five games, and has the flair and finishing ability Martin Johnson must find hard to ignore.

Attendances… British and Irish club rugby is in fine health if bottoms-on-seats counts for anything. December’s last round saw record crowds for all GP matches, with the Warriors and Scarlets also welcoming their best season attendances. Not forgetting the 76, 716 for London’s ‘Big Game 2.’


Commonwealth Games…The sport and political relationship has again reared its ugly head, with Fiji’s Sevens team unable to enter the 2010 Commonwealth Games. If only a divide could be drawn to illustrate the positive impact rugby has on the Fijian public.

Eye Gouging… Is unfortunately becoming an all too familiar scene.

June Tests… Would it be too hard to ask the northern hemisphere nations to play at least one game each in a ‘developing’ rugby nation next June; where the much needed funding would go to the home side.

Disciplinary Inconsistency…Dupuy’s six-month ban must now become the norm, not a one-off sanction. For supporters and players to have faith in the system; consistency is all we ask for.