Many of your favourite club stars will be back at it

Pre-season begins again in pro rugby

It is a phrase to strike fear in the hearts of rugby players the world over: Pre-season is back!

Hello creeping dread, old friend – it’s that time of year when athletes wake up every day uncertain about what nightmares lie ahead (shuttles, down-and-ups, burpees and tyre flips ahoy!) So many of Europe’s elite teams are back at the grindstone this week in preparation for the new season.

And good luck to them all – better you than us!

It will be an exciting time for any new signings or those young academy players stepping up to the first team for the first time. Best wishes to all of those athletes coming into their first full pre-season.

Do the images and clips of the pro teams going hard at it during this pre-season fire you up?

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You certainly need a lot of motivation to get going again, hell for leather after some much needed rest following a somewhat… strange season, last time out.

Of course some teams have already been hard at it…

Who are you most looking forward to seeing in the new rugby season – any new signings stand out for you? Or maybe it’s a returning star who you hope will take a big leap this term.

Maybe the sight of your favourite stars getting back into the gym and onto the training paddock again has fired you up, too. Whatever the case may be, we’d love to hear from you over the pre-season. Let us know how you are feeling heading into seasons 2021-22. Hit us up on social media or you can send us an email on to give us your thoughts.

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