In one game you can take on the 'Ogres of Oni Island'


Rugby part of Google Doodle games to celebrate Olympics

Fans of old 16-bit games and rugby rejoice – Google have brought out a series of interactive games based on events at the Tokyo Olympics and rugby is one of them.

Regular users of Google will know that the company routinely put a ‘Doodle’ illustration on their main search page, or sometimes a video. In honour of the Olympics being in Japan, they have gone for something a little different.

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Japanese animation company Studio 4°C have designed ‘Doodle Champion Island Games’, which has seven mini-games. In the games, Lucky the Calico Ninja Cat takes part in events such as table tennis, skateboarding, artistic swimming, climbing, marathon running, and rugby. Each one of these mini games has its own ‘Legendary Champion; to challenge from Japanese folklore and history.

Rugby part of Google Doodle games to celebrate Olympics

Still of gameplay (Google)

In the rugby section, you are informed that “Many have tried to beat the Ogres of Oni Island in rugby, but no one ever has.”

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According to instructions on the landing page of the rugby mini-game, the rules are to “Avoid obstacles and enemies to get the ball across the field”.  Using your up, down, left and right keys to move, and the spacebar to pass, you are sent out to get the ball as far as possible.

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