The supporter called Kenny had plenty to say outside the Stade de France

Scotland’s World Cup dreams came crashing down in brutal fashion after a 36-14 defeat to Ireland in Paris sent Gregor Townsend’s men packing after the pool stage for the second tournament in a row. However, there was one Scotland fan reaction that highlighted the positive side to their time in France, revealing the great pleasure they had taken in the off-field activities the country has to offer and suggesting the result does not have to ruin a good time.

Meet Kenny McDonald, who was interviewed by Tim Cocker from the Eggchasers podcast outside the Stade de France on Saturday night. He talks about getting on the lash for five weeks and how Ireland are excellent at “flicking the pill”, it’s must-watch content.

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Watch Scotland fan reaction

Kenny told Cocker: “Thing is about tonight and we’re not mucking about here, we’ve given it absolutely laldy in there tonight – no mucking about!

“We’ve given it our best shot, we came up short. That’s what it’s about, we came up short, over committing the midfield. Too many spaces round the corners.

“But we over committed. See if we hadn’t taken the points early on, we’d have chased that scoreboard down and they wouldn’t have ran away with it. There’s no way they’d have ran away with it. No way.

“Thank you, thank you for talking to me.”

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Kenny attempts to leave but Cocker, sensing this is gold, presses him for his thoughts on Ireland: “Ireland? They’re a handy team! Ireland a handy team alright. They know how to flick it about. Any day of the week. They can flick the pill (the ball), flick the pill. And they’ll punish you. They will go round your corners and they will punish you.

“I love Ireland, they’re a great team to watch. It’s a blizzard when they’re out there. It’s a blizzard!”

Then he is asked if he has a message for the game’s global governing body World Rugby to which Kenny responds in hilarious fashion: “I want to say to World Rugby, I’ve been on the lash for five weeks like, you know?

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“I started with a wee golf tournament down in Vilamoura and that was magic. And then I jumped over to Marseille and I couldn’t believe it when I go there because they were filling us with the old bevvy!

“And we just went on the lash for four weeks, went up through the Chablis, down the wine cellars, had a brilliant time, a brilliant time. Win lose or draw, I’m getting pished. Win lose or draw, I’m getting blootered, big yin!

“We don’t care if we win lose or draw, what the hell do we care? We only know there’s going to be a show and the bonny Scotland will be there!”

The momentous monologue went down a treat online, with former Scotland second-row turned podcaster/World Rugby’s creative director Jim Hamilton even jokingly calling for Kenny to be the next Scotland coach.

While Hamilton’s co-host Andy Goode asked him to translate the speech for him.

One X/Twitter user said: “Sign him up for ITV!” And in reference to the Scotland job, one added: “They could do a lot worse.”

A third said: “Couldn’t understand a word of it but loved the passion.”

One comment in particular showed the Scotland fan reaction from Kenny was achieving some cut-through. Someone wrote: “Zero interest in rugby but this guy might be the greatest person on the planet.”

It’s not the only Scottish fan content that did the rounds on social media after footage captured a young Scotland supporter leading a large crowd of Irish fans in a rendition of national anthem Flower of Scotland in the French capital.

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