Will the conditions suit your team? Here's what to expect

Weather forecast for the Rugby World Cup semi-finals

The weather has been a major talking point throughout this Rugby World Cup. From heat, humidity and slippy conditions to the devastation and tragedy of Typhoon Hagibis, it has been hard to ignore.

And now we turn to the semi-finals, with two titanic ties coming up.

We have both semi-final fixtures in Yokohama. First up on Saturday, England and New Zealand do battle. Then on Sunday evening, Wales and South Africa go toe-to-toe in the very same venue.

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Here is what the meteorologists are saying at the moment.

England v New Zealand, Yokohama, KO 5pm (local time), Saturday

Despite the fact England did their captain’s run on Friday at the International Stadium Yokohama in horrid torrential rain, things are set to be much drier and calmer by the time Saturday swings around.

Throughout the morning there should be sun and a fair few clouds. In the afternoon it will be cloudy with occasional patches of sunshine. It should feel like 23°C during the day and like 16°C in the evening. The chance of rain jumps to 40% in the evening but really it’s all about the cloud cover during the game.

The sun will be setting just before kick-off.

Wales v South Africa, Yokohama, KO 6pm (local time), Sunday

Drizzle was meant to be the order of the day on Sunday, but things have been brighter than expected, though by 8pm local time the chances of rainfall increase.

The sun will set around 4.50pm, meaning it will be a floodlit game. It felt like 20°C earlier in the day but is due to drop to feel like 13°C or so through the evening.

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