WE’RE FEELING the cold here at Rugby World this week, and because we know how important it is to warm up properly before you play a game of rugby, or get stuck into your training session, we thought we’d share this drill.

It’s all very well and good going for a jog around the pitch and doing some dynamic stretching to raise the body temperature, but we like this drill because it’s fun, and involves competition. Watch how these guys do it, and then introduce it to your team-mates in training this week!

Demonstrating the exercise is Parmiter’s School first XV, who won £3,000-worth of kit, plus nutrition and training advice, as part of our Lucozade Sport Kit-Out Project competition. We took a coach and nutritionist down to the school to do a training session – see what else they learned here.

If you want to get kit for your club, go to lucozadesport.com/kitoutproject and register your team. You can also browse the kit catalogue here and choose what you want – from full on kits, in your club’s colours, to balls, bottles and training equipment. Then get all your team-mates, friends and family to collect the codes off the bottles when they’re drinking Lucozade Sport. The more codes you collect, the more kit you’ll get!