The men's and women's sevens tournaments at Birmingham 2022 will be held at Coventry Stadium

Commonwealth Games sevens tickets: Where to buy

The Commonwealth Games Sevens events are fast approaching, with the men’s and women’s tournaments scheduled for Friday 29 July to Sunday 31 July at Coventry Stadium.

A large number of the leading sevens nations are part of the Commonwealth, so the competition offers the opportunity to see the world’s best do battle.

Here is how you can buy Commonwealth Games sevens tickets at Birmingham 2022.

Where are they available?

Tickets are now sold solely on a first-come, first-served basis from the Birmingham 2022 website.

Customers must create an account and activate it by email when first logging in. Only those aged 18 and over may purchase tickets.

Once logged in, click the ‘buy tickets’ option at the bottom of the homepage. Here, all available tickets are displayed, with the filters on the left-hand side allowing users to view specific events and dates.

How much is a sevens ticket?

There are six sessions of sevens competition, with a morning and evening slot on all three days.

Besides Sunday evening, each session is split into Category A (£50), Category B (£35 or £12 for under-16s) and Category C (£22 or £8 for under-16s). Concession ticket-holders must be under 16 on the day of the event.

Category D (£35) is reserved for the ‘Sevens Stand’, which the website describes as being for “fans keen on getting the traditional Rugby Sevens atmosphere” and encourages fancy dress.

The Sunday evening session has the same categories but witnessing the finals will cost more. Category A (£95), Category B (£55 or £15 for under-16s), Category C (£22 or £12 for under-16s) and the Sevens Stand (£55) are all more costly.

Customers can select up to eight tickets per session except the Sunday evening, which is capped at four.

Once the tickets are added to the basket, users add their card details and confirm their delivery address to purchase.

Tickets will be downloadable and sent via email shortly before the Games.

What is involved in each session?

Friday’s morning session runs from 9am to 1.30pm and the evening from 5.30pm to 10pm. Both consist of 12 men’s and women’s group games.

Saturday runs to the same timetable, but the evening session will stage the quarter-finals for each competition and then the women’s semi-finals.

The Sunday morning session, from 11am to 2.30pm, will hold the men’s semi-finals. This will help determine who finishes 5th, 9th and 13th as well as on the podium.

The final, more expensive session from 6.30pm to 10pm on the Sunday is made up of the medal matches, other positional playoffs and medal ceremonies for the men and women.

How do I buy accessible tickets?

Wheelchair users or those with an assistance dog may specify their needs through the ‘accessibility requirements’ section of the ‘My Account’ page, located at the top of the website when logged in. When subsequently purchasing, the ‘Category Accessible’ filter will only show the tickets compatible.

Companion tickets for non-wheelchair users can be viewed by ticking the ‘Companion’ box on the accessibility requirements section and then selecting ‘Category – Companion’ when purchasing.

What if I live outside the UK?

Some countries have their own platform for buying tickets and they can be viewed here.

Customers from nations not included should use the official Birmingham 2022 website.

Can I resell my tickets?

Yes. Using the ‘Ticket Resale’ option at the top of the website, customers can select any tickets they would like to sell on if they can no longer attend.

The status of such tickets can be tracked and a refund will be issued within 30 days of resale.

To resell accessible tickets, the Birmingham 2022 customer service team should be contacted.

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