The Triple Crown is an honour only the four Home Nations can lift within the Six Nations

The Triple Crown first came into existence in the inaugural Home Nations Championship in 1883 between Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland; however, the Triple Crown is only won if a home nation defeats every other home nation. So a nation could win the Championship but not the Triple Crown.

It remained part of the Championship as the competition grew to the Five Nations with the addition of France and then again to the Six Nations following Italy’s entry in 2000.

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The Triple Crown was originally an informal honour, much like the Grand Slam is today, should a team win every game in the competition.

Yet, in 2006, a trophy was created to commemorate the honour of winning the Triple Crown, a once informal honour that has now been recognised as a codified part of the Six Nations.

The design of the trophy took elements from each home nation into account. It consists of a crown sitting on a four-sided base on which are a rose, a shamrock, a thistle, and the Prince of Wales feathers are represented.

Since 2006, it has been won six times by Ireland, four times by Wales, and three times by England, but Scotland have never had the honour of lifting the physical trophy.

Scotland are the least successful Home Nation when it comes to picking up the honour, only prevailing on ten occasions. While the reigning Triple Crown champions, Ireland, have won only 13.

The first side to ever hold the honour, England, have won the Triple Crown a record 26 times, while Wales have held the ‘invisible cup’ 22 times.

The honour can still be secured by three sides this season, with Scotland desperate to win their first since 1990, while Ireland and England would like to secure the trophy alongside the Grand Slam as they both enter round three of this campaign unbeaten.

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