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Miyazaki: Explore Kyushu’s coast in this prefecture

Rich in nature and food, the Miyazaki Prefecture has lots to discover – and you can enjoy it all in a warm climate…

The Culture Vulture

Udo Shrine (Udo Jingu) is located in a cave in the side of a cliff on the Nichinan Coast south of Miyazaki City. It is dedicated to Yamasachihiko, the grandfather of Emperor Jimmu, who was the mythical first emperor of Japan.

Japan 2019 Travel Guide: Kyushu

Cliff top: Udo Shrine (Udo Jingu) is off the Nichinan Coast

Outside the cave is a terrace overlooking the ocean. Among the rocks below is a target marked by rope into which people try to throw small ceramic undama, or lucky balls. Women throw with their right hand while men throw with their left, and landing an undama in the target is said to bring good luck. Worth a go if you want to help give your team a little extra good fortune at the World Cup!

The Foodie

Miyazaki beef has been rated the best in Japan for 15 years after winning the top prize of the Prime Minister’s Award three consecutive times, so you have to try this renowned wagyu beef when travelling in the region. Try it as a steak, or yakiniku (BBQ) or shabushabu (hotpot) style.

Also sample Miyazaki’s local chicken, which is raised around the Kirishima area and has a unique texture and taste.

Japan 2019 Travel Guide: Kyushu

Great for golf: Phoenix Country Club in Miyazaki

The Adventurer

Thanks to Miyazaki’s mild weather, you can play golf all year around in the prefecture. There are many golf courses near the airport, including Phoenix Country Club, which has been selected as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world by Golf Digest and hosts the annual Phoenix Open that has been won by many famous golfers, including Tiger Woods. Here’s your chance to see if you can master a course the pros have played.

The Party Animal

Nishitachibana, a 13-minute walk from Miyazaki station, is the best street for bars – and it has a retro atmosphere. Along this and neighbouring streets are more than 1,500 restaurants, bars and izakaya – so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Japan 2019 Travel Guide: Kyushu

Night lights: Nishitachibana is the best street for bars

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How to get there

JAL, ANA, Solaseed Air and Jetstar operate daily flights (less than two hours) between Tokyo and Miyazaki – Jetstar uses Narita while the other airlines use Haneda. The direct flight from Fukuoka is less than one hour.

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