Beautiful blooms, bright flames and a bungy jump are all here


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Rugby World Cup 2019 Travel Guide: Fuji


A coastal city at the foot of Mount Fuji, this is the only place in Japan where you can see the iconic Japanese peak right from sea level to the summit. You can see Mount Fuji from anywhere in the city so you’re sure to spend lots of time admiring it, especially during sunrises and sunsets when so many different colours come into play.

Head to Karigane embankment to see fields of cosmos flowers. They are described as the cherry blossoms of autumn and the pink, white, orange and yellow flowers are usually in bloom until the end of September.


For the thrill-seekers amongst you, you can do a 54-metre bungy jump over the Sudogawa Valley in the Ashitaka mountain range, where you’ll also be able to view nearby waterfalls and Fuji’s cityscape.

Or if you fancy something more relaxing, stroll around the Yoshiwara district in the east of the city, where buildings modern and traditional combine.

Local speciality: Tsuke Napolitan


Fuji’s speciality dish is tsuke Napolitan, which translates as dipping Neapolitan – think a blend of Japanese and Italian. It’s spaghetti served with a tomato dipping sauce and different restaurants have their own versions. The city’s location also means there is an abundance of fresh seafood from Suruga Bay.



While Fuji is not a host city, Shizuoka is a host prefecture – the nearest venue is Ecopa Stadium, where four matches are being played – and it offers you the chance to take in a unique view of Mount Fuji.

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You can take a bullet train from Tokyo to Shin-Fuji Station in only one hour.

Flaming: The Karigane Festival coincides with the World Cup


There are four routes to climb Mount Fuji – three from the Shizuoka Prefecture and one from the Yamanashi Prefecture – but the official mountain-climbing season lasts only two months, from 10 July to 10 September. You can go up earlier or later than that, but it is advised that only experienced climbers do so.


The World Cup coincides with the Karigane Festival, which is held on 6 October every year and involves lots of flames, so see if the timings work and you can incorporate it into your trip.