A riot of colour – from green tea fields to Mount Fuji’s white top


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Rugby World Cup 2019 Travel Guide: Shizuoka


Suruga Bay on the Pacific coast of the Shizuoka Prefecture provides an incredible view of the iconic Mount Fuji, the highest peak in Japan. Miho-no-Matsubara beach, where more than 30,000 pine trees grow, is also along the bay, so everywhere you look there is breathtaking scenery.

There are also stunning views from the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, both of its intricate buildings and the valley below. You can either climb 1,000 steps to the south of the site or take a cable car from the north. In the west of the prefecture is Hamamatsu Castle, which is situated in a picturesque park.

Right track: Oigawa Railway


Roll back the years by boarding a steam locomotive – take in the scenic vistas as you travel through the green tea fields located adjacent to the Oi River and surrounded by mountains on the Oigawa Railway.

The Izu peninsula in the east is worth the two-hour journey from Shizuoka City. As well as beautiful coastline, there are plenty of hot springs to enjoy.

Fresh fish: Kabayaki eel


In Hamamatsu, you have to eat gyoza (dumplings). The area is known for it and there’s even a map to show you where all the different restaurants are. The city also has a lake famous for its freshwater eel – try it kabayaki style.

Shizuoka oden is a dark, rich broth while the stir-fried noodles dish Fujinomiya Yakisoba is famed in the area.

Try sakura shrimp  too – Yui Harbour in Shizuoka City is one of only two places in Japan it can be caught.

Exclusive: Try sakura shrimp




Shizuoka Prefecture is hosting four RWC 2019 matches at Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa and there is plenty to explore in the region in between the rugby, from natural attractions to historical spots to great dining.

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Situated between Tokyo and Osaka, this prefecture is easily accessible on Japan’s bullet trains. It’s one hour from Tokyo and two hours from Osaka to Shizuoka Station.


Shizuoka is known as the country’s green tea capital – it produces 40% of Japan’s tea. Green tea is said to help prevent cancer and tooth decay, lower cholesterol and improve brain function.


If you’re travelling around Japan for matches, it’s useful to know that you can fly to Sapporo and Fukuoka – two other venues – from Shizuoka.