The chilled Gloucester, Scotland and Lions back talks new skills and hot grills in his own words

Inside the mind of Gloucester, Scotland and Lions centre Chris Harris

“It’s my worst nightmare getting random people to speak to me! At uni I did a random job with Metro Radio – I was doing those annoying questionnaires on the street. I must have done one and then snuck off to a coffee shop, called my grandma and grandad and just sort of made the rest of them up.”

“I’m learning guitar and in the (November) Scotland camp I took it with me. A few of the boys were learning so we practised together. When I got home, my missus would say, ‘Shut up, you play the same songs every time!’ Duncan Taylor is brilliant
on guitar.”

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“There’s no music in the Gloucester changing room. George Skivington doesn’t want us listening to it, I’m sure he won’t mind me saying. He’s all about focusing on the game. We’re there to work. I don’t mind it.”

“I’m a little bit of a coffee snob, but thankfully we’ve got a good coffee machine with Scotland, so you can make all your latte art and fancy stuff. We’re pretty lucky in that regard.”

Chris Harris

Chris Harris offloads for Gloucester (Getty Images)

“When I was younger I did a few sevens tours with the Wailers, and the best was in Amsterdam. But they don’t stay there. Every year they go to a nightclub out of town where they love it.”

“I love cooking. My girlfriend’s an accountant, so as she works I’ll knock something together. Know the Big Green Egg barbecues? For my birthday/Christmas, I got one. Rain or shine, I’m out there.”

“I’ve mastered cooking a beef joint. It’s next level, man! My missus also loves this basic carbonara I do. Easy, 20 minutes, there you go, brownie points for me!”

“We’ve got an Airbnb in the basement of our house at the moment. It’s a very small two-bed flat. There is a lot more admin than you would think with it, with the turnover and stuff like that. So that does take up a bit of time.”

“Mark Atkinson fancies himself as a joker at Gloucester. And Joe Simpson loves his dad jokes. There’s not so much pranks. Adam Radwan is a top prankster! The car thing at Falcons (see Downtime with Adam Radwan) is the best bit of humour I’ve experienced at a club.”

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