Irish professional rugby player Greg O'Shea has just joined the TV show

Professional Rugby Player Enters Love Island Villa

Professional rugby player Greg O’Shea has entered the Love Island villa this week after the departure of Joanna Chimonides. The Irishman, who has represented his country at two different levels will join the other contestants in what is the 5th series of the show.

O’Shea first started playing rugby when he was seven years old and he quickly showed his talent by getting noticed by Munster’s Academy. It obviously helped his cause that he was a very good sprinter when at the age of 16 he competed for Ireland at the 2011 European Youth Olympics 100 meters. He finished sixth.

Because of this speed he found a home on the wing or sometimes at full-back however he went through a significant injury in 2015 which put his career in jeopardy. He fell off a bicycle and lacerated his Achilles tendon which left a rather impressive scar.

Speaking to The 42, O’Shea said of the injury; “It was insane It’s not like rupturing it. When you rupture it, you blow the fibres and then they eventually grow back in together. But I actually fell off the bike and kicked the cog of it, which is the disk, you can see it there… the scar.”

“It was just like getting a knife and cutting your Achilles. There was just blood everywhere and I went to put my foot on the ground and your leg doesn’t work without your Achilles, so your foot just flops.”

Despite this Munster extended his academy place but eventually moved on after he failed to secure a spot for the senior team.

He then turned his attention to Sevens rugby and found a spot in the Irish national side. He previously made appearances at the 2018 Rugby World Cup and he also helped Ireland qualify for the World Rugby Sevens Series too.

O’Shea interestingly also has a maternal grandparent from Hong Kong and his parents Niall and Carol were also sprinters for Ireland.

He joins the popular Love Island tv show looking for love. He said recently; “I want a girl who backs herself and someone who lives a positive lifestyle.”

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