The so-called ‘pretty boy’ of the team, and the position to play if you crave attention. The fly-half calls the shots, deciding whether to kick the ball or pass it or have a dart himself. Play here and you must be a sea of serenity amid the turbulence around you, able to keep a cool head as you decide the actions needed to win the game. Almost always the main goal kicker, you will be targeted remorselessly in defence as the sight of a No 10 shirt gets up the nose of opposition ball-carriers. So be brave, be brilliant, and be ready to take the brickbats on those days when everything goes wrong.

Mark Ella of Australia v Combined Services, 1984

Major teams: Randwick, NSW, Milan Country: Australia Test span: 1980-84 Test caps: 25 (25 starts) Test points: 78 (6T, 3C, 8P, 8DG) Rugby’s Greatest: Mark Ella David Campese calls him…

Jonny Wilkinson, England v SA in Bloemfontein 2000

Jonny Wilkinson is regarded by many as the epitome of professionalism in rugby. His hard work ethic made him the greatest fly-half in the world

Dan Carter

Pound for pound, New Zealand's Dan Carter is thought by many to be the greatest fly-half to have graced the game

Barry John playing for the Lions

Major teams: Llanelli, Cardiff Country: Wales
 Test span: 1966-72 Wales caps: 25 (25 starts) Lions caps: 5 (5 starts) Test points: 120 (6T, 9C, 18P, 10DG) It was the New…