The so-called ‘pretty boy’ of the team, and the position to play if you crave attention. The fly-half calls the shots, deciding whether to kick the ball or pass it or have a dart himself. Play here and you must be a sea of serenity amid the turbulence around you, able to keep a cool head as you decide the actions needed to win the game. Almost always the main goal kicker, you will be targeted remorselessly in defence as the sight of a No 10 shirt gets up the nose of opposition ball-carriers. So be brave, be brilliant, and be ready to take the brickbats on those days when everything goes wrong.

Mark Ella of Australia v Combined Services, 1984

Major teams: Randwick, NSW, Milan Country: Australia Test span: 1980-84 Test caps: 25 (25 starts) Test points: 78 (6T, 3C, 8P, 8DG) David Campese calls him the best he’s ever…

Jonny Wilkinson in the 2003 World Cup Final

Jonny Wilkinson is regarded by many as the epitome of professionalism in rugby. His hard work ethic made him the greatest fly-half in the world

Dan Carter

Pound for pound, New Zealand's Dan Carter is thought by many to be the greatest fly-half to have graced the game

Ex Ireland international Jack Kyle receives a standing ovation at Ulster

Major teams: Queen’s University, North of Ireland FC, Belfast Country: Ireland Test span: 1947-58 Ireland caps: 46 (46 starts) Lions caps: 6 (6 starts) Test points: 30 (9T, 1DG) Out-half…

Cliff Morgan of Wales

Major teams: Cardiff, Bective Rangers Country: Wales Test span: 1951-58 Wales caps: 29 (29 starts) Lions caps: 4 (4 starts) Test points: 12 (4T) Twelve international points – four tries…

Barry John playing for the Lions

Major teams: Llanelli, Cardiff Country: Wales
 Test span: 1966-72 Wales caps: 25 (25 starts) Lions caps: 5 (5 starts) Test points: 120 (6T, 9C, 18P, 10DG) It was the New…

Hugo Porta of Argentina

Major teams: Banco Nacion Country: Argentina
 Test span: 1971-90 Argentina caps: 58 (58 starts) South America caps: 8 (8 starts) Test points: 651 (12T, 90C, 114P, 28DG) The fly-half’s first…