As Japan is battered by Typhoon Hagibis, we want to know your thoughts on some key issues

Poll: Should Rugby World Cup games be cancelled?

On Saturday, Typhoon Hagibis arrived in Japan with devastating effect. Safety for all at the Rugby World Cup and throughout the host nation is paramount – there is no getting around that. But there has also been a war of words in recent days about contingency planning for rescheduling fixtures afterwards, moving venues and lots more.

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So, we want to know your very basic (yes or no) answers to some of these burning questions on those subjects. And if you want to get in touch with us with some more details, we can be reached at Or you can check out our social media channels.

Without further ado, let’s start with the big one: was it right to just end games 0-0?

We imagine you could write loads on that one. And you can if you email us. It may go in the next issue of the magazine. But maybe you answered the above question because you had a strong view on the issue of brief postponement, rather than outright cancellation. So here’s the next question…

This of course doesn’t cover the logistical nightmare of moving venues, but hey it’s a poll and we want to know your initial gut feeling.

Certain figures have plenty to say on cancellation. Look at the poor Italians…

It has been a phenomenal tournament and the Japanese have been great hosts. However, bearing in mind what is happening now, what do you think of the below question? Remember, this is totally anonymous.

And what about the game as a whole? Time to reflect on the potential legacy of this tournament…

Remember, if you want to say more, we can be reached at

As ever, for anyone out in Japan, please stay safe.

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