The Six Nations Fantasy Rugby game returns for the 2021 tournament as players get to assemble star-studded line-ups from all six teams

The official Six Nations Fantasy Rugby is an immersive experience for fans to pit their credentials against one another, and pick the best possible team they can. Rugby fans’ coaching abilities can be tested in leagues against friends, families and worldwide.

The 2021 version of the game follows the same format of the 2020 game. Prizes are available for the best performers. The person who is top of the overall standings at the end of the tournament will win an ultimate Six Nations weekend for the 2022 championship. The person who manages to come first in the overall standings for a match round will bag themselves a voucher for the Six Nations store.

There are 230 points on offer to assemble a 15-man squad, complete with three subs. The best players are worth 16 points however, so you have to choose wisely in order to create a cohesive unit that’s not over budget. You can modify team selections at any time between match rounds. But be aware, a player’s value can fluctuate depending on their form in the tournament. If you want to include the best performer after three rounds, expect to spend a lot of points.

Balance within selections is also necessary. Being allowed to pick only a maximum of four players from one nation means this needs to be a considered approach. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick an all-England or France line-up. Similarly, all positions on the field need to be catered for, you can’t include just fly-halves throughout.

Each round you have the choice to pick a captain. Any points they score will be doubled, plus you’ll get an added 20 point bonus on top of that.

You can also choose a ‘super sub’ every week. If he enters the match as a replacement their points are tripled for the week – if he starts his points are halved. If the other two subs play at any point, their points will also be halved.

Johnny Sexton scores classic loop try against France

Tough choice: Which players will you be choosing to take you to glory? (Getty Images)

Scoring Points

Now, the most important part of Six Nations Fantasy Rugby is actually scoring points. When assembling your squad, make sure to bear in mind how ‘team’ points and ‘individual’ points can help you in your ambitions.

If any of your players are playing at home, and they win, they pick up 12 points. If they draw they get four points, and if they lose they get a single point. Conversely, playing away can offer a greater chance for points. If a player wins away from home they get 18 points, if they draw they get ten points and if they lose they get three points.

The points difference in each match can also determine points you score. 0.5 points are either added of deducted from a player’s individual points for every point that separates the two teams. For example, if Wales lose to Ireland 37-24, and you have Leigh Halfpenny in your team, his total will be reduced by 6.5 points.

Individual points are where the players have the most chance of building you some championship winning form.

Tries are worth 15 points, conversions and penalties are both worth three points, while a drop goal scores six points for your player. Other attacking work is also rewarded. 2 points are awarded for every defender beaten, with a further 0.3 points awarded for every carried metre.

Defensive work is also benefitted from, with tackles scoring one point, and dominant tackles securing two.

Yellow cards carry a deduction of five points, while red cards are punished with a ten point deduction.

Finally, if a player you have in your fantasy team wins player of the match, he gets 15 points.

A brilliant tactical game that rewards knowledge on Rugby. Have you got the ability to top the Six Nations Fantasy Rugby table come Saturday 20 March?

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