We take a look at some of our favourite deals on Lions merchandise.

Best deals on British & Irish Lions merchandise

With the British & Irish Lions Tour of South Africa fast approaching, now is the time to make sure you have all the merchandise you need to show support for the men in red.

Given the popularity and scale of the Lions, Canterbury and the British & Irish Lions have made sure there are loads of different pieces of merchandise for people to get their hands on, from clothes, to hats, to bags and just about anything you can think of.

Yes, there is a lot of it so to help you find the best stuff and the best deals, we have put together the piece below to narrow things down. There is quite literally something for everyone.

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Best Deals On British & Irish Lions Merchandise


Canterbury British & Irish Lions Cap

There are several Lions hats to choose from in 2021, starting with this cap that comes in blue or red. It can tailored to fit any size of head thanks to the adjustor at the back and the stitching on the Lions logo is excellent.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Bobble Hat

Or perhaps you wanted to go down the bobble hat route? When the weather takes a turn and things get cold a bobble hat is a necessity, and you definitely won’t be disappointed with this Lions version.

Once again it is available in blue or red and the acrylic fabric, combined with the fleece lined interior, stretches well and keeps your head and ears nice and toasty.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Beanie

Don’t fret if bobble hats aren’t your thing though because there is also a beanie version on offer. It offers the same acrylic stretch and fleece protection but can be found for slightly cheaper dependent on where you shop. For more clothing also check out our guide on the best deals on British & Irish Lions training kit as well.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Scarf

Not only are scarves great for keeping the neck warm, but they are one of the best accessories to bring to the game, or use in the house, to show your Lions support.

This version is less than £20 which we think is a bargain because it really is a premium scarf. The embroidery not only on the Lions logo, but also on the lion, and the letters, is top notch.


Canterbury British & Irish Lions Backpack

Are you, or do you know someone in need of a new backpack? Then why not this Canterbury design with logos aplenty.

Whatever you need it for, it will deliver thanks to multiple compartments and extra side pockets for all your essentials. There is also a laptop sleeve which houses your laptop or tablet securely as well.

The bag has a triple layer back panel construction with air flow ventilation for comfort, while the Lions crest and Canterbury branding completes the look.

For those of you who don’t like the red there is also a black Lions backpack too.

Canterbury British & Irish Lions Sportsbag

If you want to go a little bigger, and your kit bag, or gym bag has seen better days, then Canterbury has also produced this big sportsbag too.

It is strong and durable thanks to the scratch-resistant paneling and hard-wearing base support. The zips, of which there are four for the different compartments, are also strong and deal with heavy use well.

A particular design feature we liked was one of the compartments is specifically designed for laundry and footwear. After a sweaty or muddy session, this can be incredibly useful at splitting up the dirty gear from the clean clothing you use.

The pockets are large, easy to use and roomy, and when it comes to the handles you have easy carry handles, as well as a padded shoulder strap too. A well thought out design.

British & Irish Lions Official History Book

As far as rugby books go, this is unquestionably one of the best.

Over 130 years of Lions rugby is chronicled in this authoritative book which was originally written by Clem Thomas, (Lion #386), up to the 1993 Lions Tour and then carried on by his son Greg and renowned rugby writer, Rob Cole.

There are over 500 pages and hundreds of illustrations within, thereby making sure the book covers every Tour in all the detail you could want.

There is also 75 page statistics section that includes: the score and team makeup of every Test played by the Lions, full lists of every Lion by A-Z and by order of appearance (from #1 Jack Anderton to #835 Finn Russell), records against each country, appearances, points, tries and so much more.

If you want to know more about the Lions, then this book is a must-have.

British & Irish Lions Tankard

For those of you who know you are going to enjoy the Lions Tour in the comfort of your own home, then a Lions tankard for your beer, water, vodka, or whatever you are drinking is a good way of cheering on the team. Also it can add some rugby spirit to your cupboard as well!

British & Irish Lions Pint Glass

If not a tankard, then why not a pint glass? Fill it up with anything and raise a glass before the match, when tries are scored, and after what could be some of the most exciting and interesting rugby matches in recent memory.

British & Irish Lions Hip Flask

A great gift for any rugby lover out there, (as long as they are of age to drink!), this hip flask is made from stainless steel.

British & Irish Lions Water Bottle

Finished in a very classy black and gold aesthetic, this water bottle is also made from stainless steel and will work perfectly at home, in the office, or just about anywhere.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best deals on British & Irish Lions merchandise. For more Lions content check out the Rugby World website.