In a training session, a fight nearly broke out between players from England and Georgia. By Victoria Brush.

England And Georgia Scrap In Training Session

During a training session in Oxford this Wednesday, two fights broke out between England and Georgia following attempts to perfect their scrum, according to reports.

In preparation for England’s upcoming game against Italy on the Saturday 9, March, Eddie Jones invited Georgia to two days of training in Oxford. Hosted at St Edward’s School, tensions quickly intensified when punches were thrown between the two teams in front of onlooking schoolchildren.

After England’s recent loss of 21-13 to Wales last Saturday, the international Georgia players were brought to Oxford to test the England players. Jones previously said that the Georgia team are “the biggest, ugliest, strongest scrum pack in the world.”

Tough Preparation: England trained against Georgia to prepare for Italy next week (Getty Images)

It is believed that Georgia initially started a fight after the two packs engaged in a scrum and the front rows broke apart. After the break, onlookers saw pushing and shoving from both teams. According to a report in the Daily Mail, things escalated even further with punches were thrown and some players allegedly dragged away by team-mates.

Coaches, including England’s leadership consultant Will Carling, were said to have intervened to stop the scrap. It has also been reported that once things to have calmed down, a second scrum ensued only for another fight to break out.

the Mail also say that during this, security for England policed the touchline to ensure the children and staff watching the session did not record or take photos of the two incidents.

After the two flare ups, the majority of members from the two teams kept to themselves with only a few players from England and Georgia working together with controlled drills. The training session was ended by coaches with members of both teams shaking hands before leaving.

At the end of the training session, Milton Haig said: “When two sides have a mind-set that they don’t want to give an inch or millimetre, you usually get a bit of tension. It is just making sure we control ourselves, as it is a great opportunity for us.”

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