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RW fitness: Jump like Paul O’Connell

RW fitness: Jump like Paul O’Connell

WATCH THIS video for three gym exercises that will help you get more height in your jump so you can impress at the lineout like Paul O’Connell. For more details –…

Power and endurance workout

Power and endurance workout

IT’S END of season time! And for many teams, that means it’s the most important few weeks of the year on the pitch. These mini circuits, designed by Harlequins’ head…

Raise your intensity!

Raise your intensity!

IT’S TIME to raise your intensity in the gym now the business end of the season is here! You may be feeling a bit knackered with the odd knock and…


The one knee acceleration

IT’S GETTING to the end of the season, so it’s normal for your body to be feeling a bit battered, writes John Dams, Harlequins’ head of performance. The one knee acceleration exercises…

banded accel

Strength: the banded acceleration

IT’S COLD and wet outside, and the days are short. But we’re only half way through the season, so strength and conditioning for rugby is still a must! In the…

fitness massage

Mobility: the walking triangle

THIS MONTH’s workout is all about repairing your body. That may mean losing a few pounds, getting a soft tissue massage (above), working on your mobility – or all of…

Right old knees-up: Foden

Ben Foden takes on Cross-fit

Here is in-from England and Northampton Saints full-back Ben Foden taking on the clock in a Cross-fit challenge with Multipower. Saying he looks tired afterwards would be an understatement...

chin up

Conditioning: the dip & chin combo

THIS MONTH we’re talking about conditioning! Check out the December 2013 edition of Rugby World to see a workout designed by John Dams, Harlequins head of performance, to help you…

scrum time bath

The scrum laws explained!

FOR THE January edition of Rugby World, we visited Bath’s training ground, at Farleigh House, to see their brand new scrum machine in action. Developed alongside Rhino, the new machine…