Going to the tournament in Japan? Make sure you know what not to do whilst attending the Rugby World Cup.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do At The Rugby World Cup

Are you lucky enough to have secured tickets for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan? If so you are obviously excited to watch some rugby and enjoy yourselves but given how different Japanese culture is in comparison to the West and other areas of the world, there are some things you definitely shouldn’t do whilst there.

So to save you some trouble, embarrassment or to stop you making a cultural faux pas, this piece will give you some tips.

Don’t forget to pre-order your Rail Pass 

This is a big one. Make sure you pre-order this before you arrive in Japan because you won’t be able to purchase one in the country and train tickets can be expensive. This will save you money, time, and a lot of hassle because the pass allows you to travel as much as you want within the number of days you have purchased.

Don’t make a lot of noise on public transport

We all get annoyed at that one person on public transport who decides to have a very loud phone conversation so that everyone can hear it. That kind of thing is barely acceptable in the UK and it definitely isn’t in Japan. Public transport there tends to be very quiet so try and stay away from having phone conversations whilst using trains, buses and so on. By all means use your phone for texting though.

Don’t ignore the queuing for public transport

Everyone says the British love to queue but the Japanese take it one step further especially in terms of public transport. At most bus stops and train platforms there will be lines indicating where to queue from and then you can get on board in single file once the other passengers have alighted.

Don’t eat whilst walking in public

In Japan people tend to avoid eating on the go. Usually when people buy fast food or products from vending machines, they consume it immediately and then put it in the bin that stands right next to the shop or machine.

Don’t have bad chopstick etiquette 

This is another big one. During your time in Japan you will inevitably eat with chopsticks at some stage and when you do, there are some things to avoid. Do not pass food from chopstick to chopstick, don’t rest chopsticks vertically in food, and don’t point with your chopsticks. (In fact just pointing in general is regarded as rude in Japanese culture.)

Don’t loudly showoff your tattoos

Put simply, tattoos in the Far East have a different cultural significance compared to other places around the world. To some they are a fashion statement but in Japan they are undeniably linked with the Yakuza, the crime syndicate.

For more information on this visit out page focusing on tattoos.

Don’t finish everything on your plate unless you want more

If being hosted in a Japanese house, do not finish everything on your plate because the host will think you want more. It is customary if you are full to leave a bit on the plate and in your glass.

Don’t blow your nose in public

This should probably be applied to anywhere. If you need to then try and do it discreetly.

Don’t pour alcohol for yourself

If you are out at bars or where alcohol is present, it is the custom to serve others their drinks and not yourself. Other people will then serve you.

Don’t be late

If you are meeting a friend or someone from Japan, try and not be late. The Japanese people tend to be punctual and as a culture they appreciate and understand the value of time.

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