Here we have taken a look at the long list of winners of the Six Nations rugby tournament.

Six Nations Winners

The Six Nations has had a long and illustrious history as the premier international rugby tournament in the northern hemisphere. Originally it started out as the Home Nations from 1883 to 1909. With the addition of France it became the Five Nations from 1910 to 1931 but then it went back to four teams from 1932 to 1939.

France rejoined in 1940 and then Italy made the tournament the Six Nations of today by joining for the 2000 tournament.

Which teams have won the most titles, Grand Slams, Triple Crowns and so on? Take a look at our list of statistics on Six Nations winners below.

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Prolific: England won the first Six Nations in 2000 and have won the most tournaments outright (Getty Images)

Six Nations Winners

124 tournaments have been held over the years and we have listed the number of wins each team has had below.

England (28 outright wins, 10 shared wins)

France (17 outright wins, 8 shared wins)

Ireland (14 outright wins, 9 shared wins)

Italy (no wins)

Scotland (15 outright wins, 9 shared wins)

Wales (27 outright wins, 12 shared wins)

Since the tournament has been called the Six Nations, England lead the way with six tournament victories, France and Wales have five apiece, and then Ireland have four.

In terms of Grand Slams, England have had 13 in total and Wales follow closely behind with 12, the latest of which came in last years tournament.

England have the most Triple Crowns with 25 too.

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