Ireland won a Grand Slam last year, but what do you get for beating every team in the competition?


What Trophies Do You Get For Winning A Grand Slam?

Wales are the only team still going for a Grand Slam which would be Warren Gatland’s third whilst in charge of Wales. But what trophies do you win for achieving the feat?

The short and simple answer to this question is none. There is not an official Grand Slam trophy, instead it is more of an achievement to say you won a Grand Slam or were part of a Grand Slam winning team.

To those of you who are not sure what we mean by Grand Slam check out our post on this subject.

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Instead of a trophy, the Slam is an informal honour that recognises teams that have gone throughout the tournament, without losing a match. Ireland are the most recent team to have done so in last years tournament.

Six Nations Championship Trophy

However, there are several trophies to be won in the Six Nations, chief among which is the Six Nations Championship Trophy.

What Trophies Do You Get For Winning A Grand Slam?

2014: Ireland pictured with the Six Nations trophy in 2014 (Getty Images)

Triple Crown Trophy 

The Triple crown trophy is awarded to the country that beats all the other home nations. Ireland are the current holders after beating England, Wales and Scotland in 2018. Much like the Grand Slam, this had been an informal honour, however from 2006 onwards, an official trophy was awarded for the achievement.

What Trophies Do You Get For Winning A Grand Slam?

Triple Crown: The last winners of the trophy were England in 2016 (Getty Images)

Rivalry Trophies

There are also several trophies which are awarded for victories in specific matches during the Six Nations. The most famous is the Calcutta Cup.

Calcutta Cup

Contested between England and Scotland each year. Named after the Calcutta Rugby Football Club, it was formed after the club was disbanded and the members melted down rupees to make the cup. Scotland won the trophy in 2018 after beating England at Murrayfield.

What Trophies Do You Get For Winning A Grand Slam?

Rivalry: England and scotland compete for the Calcutta Cup (Getty Images)

Millennium Trophy

The Millennium trophy is contested between England and Ireland and will be up for grabs in the opening week of the tournament as England face the Irish in Dublin.

Centenary Quaich Trophy

Perhaps a little unheard of, this trophy is competed for by Ireland and Scotland.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy

France and Italy compete for this – let’s call it ‘unconventional looking’ – trophy. Named after Italian national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, it commemorates the life of one of the fathers of a unified Italy. He also served in the French Army during the Franco-Prussian War.

Auld Alliance Trophy

The newest of all the trophies, Scotland and France competed for it for the first time in 2018.

What Trophies Do You Get For Winning A Grand Slam?

2018: The Auld Alliance trophy was new for the 2018 tournament (Getty Images)

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