Which of the six teams has the best national anthem? Listen to them all here.

Who Has The Best National Anthem In The Six Nations?

One of the hallmarks of the Six Nations is the opportunity to belt out the national anthems. Forget the fireworks, the ear drum-splitting PA announcements and the machines spitting fire pitchside – this is the only drama you need pre-match.

But which anthem is the best? Well we have recent videos of every team singing so make your choice.

Who Has The Best National Anthem In The Six Nations?


First up is God Save the Queen for the English. This video was taken before England’s 32-20 victory over Ireland at the Aviva Stadium, in round one of the 2019 tournament.


A fiery number this one – here are the opening lyrics of La Marseillaise in English:

Arise, children of the Fatherland
The day of glory has arrived!
Against us tyranny’s
Bloody banner is raised
Do you hear, in the countryside
The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
They’re coming right into your arms
To cut the throats of your sons, your women!

wow, that’s pretty graphic! Stirring stuff.


Ireland actually perform two anthems, with Amhrán na bhFiann as well as Ireland’s Call. The video here is from the performance of Ireland’s Call at Murrayfield in round two of last years Six Nations.


Hold onto your hat, this is Il Canto degli Italiani – ever wondered what the words were, in English?

Here’s a translation of the opening burst:

Brothers of Italy
Italy has woken
Bound Scipio’s helmet
Upon her head.
Where is Victory?
Let her bow down
For God created her
Slave of Rome.


Now famed as much for the a capella second verse, Flower of Scotland is accompanied by a pipe band when it is performed at home.


And then there’s Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, with this performance taken from their rendition in Rome.

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