Tournament organisers played a Russian song after Georgia's victory over Uruguay.

World Rugby Apologises For Russian Song Gaffe

You would think after their 33-7 Rugby World Cup victory over Uruguay, that Georgia would be celebrating, but instead the players were left annoyed and frustrated recently as World Rugby played a Russian song after the match.

At the 2019 tournament, after the match has finished a popular song from the victorious nation is played as part of the celebration. Given the complicated, and occasionally violent history between Russia and Georgia, World Rugby made a huge blunder that resulted in the Georgian mood taking a sour turn.

Georgia coach Milton Haig said; “They were playing a song after the match that was a Russian song, sung by a Georgian singer but it is a Russian song.

“Again, we want to make it clear that Russia is not Georgia, Georgia is not Russia. We have a different language, different culture, different everything, so World Rugby, please make sure you get these sort of things ironed out for us.”

Georgian captain Jabba Bregvadze said; “I want to take this moment to ask the person who played the Russian music, next time don’t make the mistake again, please.”

World Rugby has since apologised for the blunder and is looking to avoid any further embarrassment at the tournament. Speaking to CNN they said; “It was a Georgian singer performing a Russian song. It will not happen again.”

Indeed this is not the first time this sort of blunder has been made at sporting events. Earlier this year the Andorran national anthem was played instead of Albania’s in a Euro 2020 qualifying match. Also at the 2012 Olympics South Korea’s flag was in display before the North Korean women’s football team played.

Regardless the Georgians will be happy with their victory as they looked to bounce back after losing to Wales in their opening tournament match.

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